Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO)

WtoW MTBO Carnival 2014

Mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) is orienteering using a mountain bike where navigation is primarily along trails and tracks.

MTBO combines the fun and excitement of a typical mountain bike ride with the added dimension of map reading, route choice and trying not to get lost!

Many MTBO maps combine single track, 4WD tracks and roads, with the courses planned to take you away from the most frequently ridden routes which gives a fresh approach to an MTB area which you may already be familiar with. A MTBO course is a great way to explore a new area too.

Compared to foot orienteering, competitors usually are not permitted to leave the trail and track network, unless cross-country travel has been specifically indicated as being allowed by the colours on the map. The major challenge is to optimise route choice while navigating and the faster you go the more challenging the map reading becomes. 

For more information about mountain bike orienteering go to MTBO – Information page.  Also you can search on MTBO events in the Events section for MTBO events on in your area or contact your local orienteering club.

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