Rogaining is a cross country navigation sport similar to orienteering, but requires you to visit as many control sites as you can within a set time limit.  The shortest rogaining events are one hour, and the National and World Championship events are 24 hours.  The most common length events in New Zealand are 3, 6 and 12 hours.

The best thing about rogaining is the social aspect.  Everyone starts at the same time, and generally finishes at the same time, it is just the amount of ground that has been covered by teams that differs.  Rogaining can be held in city environments or in farmland and bush, and you get to visit parts of the country you never knew existed.  Controls are given different scores, so strategy plays a big part in collecting the most points versus shortest distance, as the winner is determined by the highest score.  It differs from orienteering in that you can visit them in any order, and is normally a team sport with groups of 2 to 5 competing.

All that is required to give rogaining a go is a map, a compass and a teammate.

Rogaining events are organised by local Orienteering clubs, the NZ Rogaining Association and by private event companies.

For more information about rogaining go to Rogaining group page.

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