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View from the Chair – July 2023
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Aug 2023

July has been a month of mixed emotions and events. On the upside, it was so great to see our athletes performing at JWOC and WOC, with some really impressive performances across the teams in different disciplines. Whilst we were watching this from our desks on the other side of the world to Europe, we […]

Our WOC Athlete Profiles
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Aug 2023

World Orienteering Championship NZ Athlete profile | Matt Ogden 1. Number of WOC’s previously attended:3 2014 Italy (52nd Long), 2015 Scotland (26th Middle), 2018 Latvia (39th Long) In 2014 my preparations were atrocious, 2018 the WOC Middle was my first race for 2 months. I was mostly satisfied in 2015 but still very inexperienced at […]

Filming the Sydney Sprint Weekend 2023
By Christo Peters - Sat 01 Jul 2023

The decisive moment of the men’s knockout final at the Sydney Sprint Weekend (SSW) 2023 was the exit from control 9. It was in the middle of the campus, hidden from spectators. I wasn’t there, and I haven’t spoken to the athletes. How can I be sure that was the decisive moment? Typically, the story […]

Amelia’s on a runners high
By Christo Peters - Sat 01 Jul 2023

Amelia Horne from Nelson Orienteering Club has been wearing the NZ Athletics shirt debuting at the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships recently. In the lead up to this race Amelia claimed the bronze at the 2022 New Zealand Short Course Trail Championships. On Friday Amelia ran the short trial race in Austria alongside […]

50 years - Orienteering NZ
NZ Orienteering Quiz – June 2023
By Christo Peters - Sat 01 Jul 2023

This year we’ll find ways to test your knowledge about orienteering in New Zealand to celebrate our 50th year anniversary. The answers will be after the ‘Last points’ at the end of this news email. (You may need to click on the three dots at the base to see the full newsletter).  The answers can be […]

In memorium | Robin Ambler
By Christo Peters - Wed 03 May 2023

We asked North west if we could reprint the tribute article on Robin Ambler from last year.  Robin Ambler, Long-time North west Orienteering Club member passed away in late September last year. Robin’s daughter Kirsten Blake and grandson Blake are NW club members and Robin’s wife Gay is also well known to the club. Dave Middleton encouraged […]

View from the Chair – February 2023
By Christo Peters - Wed 22 Feb 2023

A belated Happy New Year to you all, and hoping many of you have had a positive start to 2023. That said, I know a few of our community have been impacted by the recent flooding  – our thoughts are very much with those of you affected, and hope the clean-up and fixes get you […]

Southern O-weekend 2023
By Christo Peters - Thu 15 Dec 2022

The bulletin has been released and entries are open for the Southern O-weekend 2023 will be held on a variety of sprint and terrain maps around Christchurch. Includes individual sprint, knock-out sprint and sprint relay as well as forest races. The elite races at Waitangi Orienteering Weekend will have more than just NSL points on […]

Passing of Ann Scott
By Christo Peters - Thu 24 Nov 2022

We were very saddened to hear about the passing of Ann Scott, following a long illness. We know that Ann had a long history with orienteering and was a stalwart of the Southland orienteering scene who contributed a huge amount over many decades. By all accounts much of this contribution was done without fanfare, driven […]

Balance is better (Sport NZ) – review of ‘Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World’ by David Epstein
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Nov 2022

Many of you will know about Sport New Zealand’s “Balance is Better” campaign that discourages early specialisation in sport, advocating for our tamariki and rangatahi to be exposed to a range of sporting opportunities early in their lives. In this article Hamish Rogers reviews David Epstein’s book “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World“, […]

World School Sport Games selection update
By Christo Peters - Mon 03 Oct 2022

Way back on the 9th July we shared our intention to select a teams for the World Schools Orienteering Championships. At that stage there was no information available despite us reaching out to the international body responsible for the event – the International Schools Federation (ISF). Over the last two months we have continued to have dialogue […]

View from the Chair – Sep 2022
By Christo Peters - Mon 03 Oct 2022

As Chair of a minority sport in NZ, I was interested in hearing the news about  NZ Rugby forfeiting $280k of Sport NZ funding, for failing to meet a gender diversity target of 40% women on their Board. Whilst the story about gender and inclusion is an important one, what struck me about this news […]

Students running to control - Rotorua Daily Post
Taupō Orienteering 2022 season opens with Rogaine (Rotorua Daily Post)
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Fri 12 Aug 2022

The orienteering season starts this weekend. Taupo Orienteering Club chairman Lyndon Haugh says the lead-up to the beginning of the season has seen eight schools take part in orienteering training sessions during term two. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/rotorua-daily-post/news/taupo-orienteering-2022-season-opens-with-rogaine/FCQ66TMDWXAN7MYWOSEAOXIUQU/

NZSS Orienteering Champs 2022 Video
NZ Secondary Schools 2022 Orienteering Champs Video (Māori Active)
By Counties Manukau Orienteering Club - Mon 08 Aug 2022
View from the Chair – July 2022
By Christo Peters - Tue 02 Aug 2022

It has been a fantastic month seeing kiwi orienteers competing on the world stage, and congrats to all of the athletes that competed at WOC, JWOC, and WMTBOC. In the ultra competitive environment of world champs racing, our athletes will have been tested in ways just not possible in our national competitions which has been […]

Greig Hamilton on the Berkley Marathons  
By Christo Peters - Sat 02 Jul 2022

If you think “Rip a page from a book” might make a change from SI Air, and maps with minimal or inaccurate vegetation could be fun, then the Berkley Marathon might be your event. It has worldwide notoriety, and a small hardy field of entrants in a ‘last man standing’ style-event that not many finish […]

ONZ Innovation Award winner Cameron de L’Isle’s project omap.nz
By Christo Peters - Tue 31 May 2022

Cameron de Lîle was awarded recognition at Nationals for his mapping project which is aiming to create a highly detailed (1:10,000 scale) map of all of New Zealand.  The first lockdown inspired the start of this project when Cameron discovered some software called Karttapullautin on a Finnish MapAnt website which has a high resolution map of […]

Club Profile – Orienteering Waikato
By Christo Peters - Tue 31 May 2022

Club background Waikato Orienteering club began life as the Hamilton Orienteering club in July 1975. Within a year it had built up a membership of 51. With help from the NZ Orienteering Federation and the (now defunct) Pinelands club, the club was able to acquire equipment to run events. The presidents report of 1976 noted: […]

View from the Chair – May 2022
By Christo Peters - Tue 31 May 2022

The month of May has been a very good month for the profile of orienteering across the community and the general public. The article on Lizzie Ingham which appeared in the Locker room (Newsroom), and picked up by a number of media channels was a brilliant insight to one of NZ’s top orienteers. Nothing new […]

Woods named to Manage 2022 WUOC Team
By Christo Peters - Sun 29 May 2022

Auckland Orienteering Club member Kieran Woods has been named to manage the New Zealand World Universities Orienteering Championship (WUOC) Team. Woods, admits to being excited to be appointed to the position only, having competed at the WUOC in 2018, the year teammate Tim Robertson won Gold in the Sprint. Kieran was the 2019 Orienteering New […]

Change of heart revitalises top orienteer (Newsroom)
Change of heart revitalises top orienteer (Newsroom)
By Joolz Moore (ONZ Editor) - Fri 20 May 2022

Cardiac arrest and open heart surgery haven’t slowed down top Kiwi orienteer Lizzie Ingham, who’s on her way to her yet another world championship, Merryn Anderson writes.

By Christo Peters - Thu 12 May 2022

Take on the challenge of NZ’s largest annual rogaine adventure!The Great Forest Rogaine is a team navigation event with 3 and 6 hour Foot and MTB categories utilising the track network of the world famous Whakarewarewa Forest.  You are bound to go places in the forest you have never been before.This event is suitable for […]

NZOC2022 – The Battle of Canaan Downs (Matt Ogden)
NZOC2022 – The Battle of Canaan Downs (Matt Ogden)
By Matt - Fri 15 Apr 2022

50 years of New Zealand Orienteering Championships, we are now at the eve of NZOC2022. The calm before the storm. It seems that making it to the start line for this year’s nationals is itself a challenge with many succumbing to COVID or the isolation requirements in the final week. The event though has seen some […]

GODZone 2022
GODZone 2022
By Christo Peters - Thu 31 Mar 2022

A few insights from many of our orienteers who were participating on what is considered one of the toughest GODZone events. Craig Pelvin | Godwits: 1. How do you prepare for GODZone? Training. As a team all with jobs and families this required a lot of juggling and full team ended up only being a couple of weekends […]

Lake Kereta | NWOC double-header weekend
By Christo Peters - Thu 31 Mar 2022

After the success of Nationals 2021 and the camping options at Leighton’s Farm, NWOC wanted to put on a 2-day weekend with maps and camping all in close proximity. The old Wilson Road map, once owned by Rob and Marquita, had been nicely growing away over the last 20 years and with local contacts, permission […]

Katoa Po - A night nav relay race for all ages
Katoa Po | Traversing Taupō turf in the dark 
By Christo Peters - Thu 31 Mar 2022

A night nav relay race for all ages   Katoa Po is one of New Zealand’s longest running orienteering events. Started in 1981, it’s seen teams from all of New Zealand do battle over Taupō’s unique volcanic terrains in the thick of night. One of the highlights of the event is the age restrictions placed on different […]

CMOC - Counties Manukau Orienteering
Club Profile – Counties Manukau Orienteering Club
By Christo Peters - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Brief club background:  Counties Manukau Orienteering Club (CMOC) sees orienteering as a special sport that you can participate in from almost any age, and over your whole life. It has the potential to be an integral part of our communities’ wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The Club has a deep passion for removing or minimising […]

View from the Chair – March 2022
By Christo Peters - Thu 31 Mar 2022

Well, after 2 years of avoiding Covid like the plague (sorry), it is finally here amongst us. Certainly in my immediate family there have been several cases in recent days and weeks, including one of our boys currently, so I am writing this mid isolation. I hope for those of you also dealing with this, […]

NSL Round 1, Race 1 Review
By Duncan Morrison - Fri 04 Mar 2022

Ingham and Lynch Resume Service Freyberg High School and Pit Park in Palmerston North provided the backdrop for the first ever National Sprint League (NSL) race this evening. While the map and series may be brand new, our victors were certainly not – both Joseph Lynch and Lizzie Ingham picking up where they left off […]

Michael Croxford Getting to know our new ONZ events liaison
By Christo Peters - Wed 02 Mar 2022

1. Kia ora Michael, welcome to your new role. Can you talk about your orienteering background and what special skills you are bringing to this role? I first started orienteering back in the late 80s at Kaiapoi High School when I was a member of PAPO. I’ve always loved maps and can remember spending hours studying […]

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