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JWOC2017 Blog – Long Distance Live Video Feed – 6pm onwards Friday 14 July
By NZ JWOC Team 2017 - Fri 14 Jul 2017 5:23pm
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The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) long distance event is live tonight, Friday 14 July 2017 (NZ time).

The NZ JWOC team start times are listed below.

Comments from Karen Beckman in Finland (NZ Team Manager):

Friday is the long event and it will be an early start and long day. First buses leave here at 7:30am and all athletes need to be in quarantine by 9:15am.
The following is the start times for the NZ team, (NZ times Friday 14th)

  • Callum 18:00
  • Ed 18:17
  • Alice 18:36
  • Jenna 18:58
  • Kayla 20:02
  • Devon 20:19
  • Cameron 20:43
  • Katie 20:46
  • Danielle 22:12
  • Lara 22:16
  • Nick 22:17
  • Tommy 22:23

Ladies have 7.6km, with 240m climb and the men have 10.7km with 320m climb.

GPS tracking for all athletes. Live results will be available on the event website. http://www.jwoc2017.fi/


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