Katoa Po |Enter Relay by 29 February & Explorer by 3 March
By Christo Peters - Sun 4 Feb 2024 10:17pm

Have you planned your trip to Taupō?  The 44th 2024 Katoa Po entry dates are getting closer! This challenge is appropriate to all levels of skills and fitness and ideal for keen school teams to test their navigation skills, before heading for events like the Hillary Challenge (with trials in winter and a competitive school event in September (run by BOP orienteer Darren Ashmore) or the Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Champs (SISSARC) in the Kaikoura Adventure race, mid April (planned by PAPO orienteers Tim Farrant and Tane Cambridge).

Katoa Po have a valuable prize for the winning secondary school mixed adventure racing team in the Explorer event. The Explorer school team prize for the top team on the podium is a weekend coaching session with a top orienteer and adventure racing coach – either Tom Reynolds or Gene Beveridge. This session will be in a location to be agreed between the team and the coach, and will be tailored to the needs of your team.  Previous winners have been St Paul’s Collegiate, Taupo nui-a-Tia and Whakatane High School.” 

Make it a fun weekend in Taupō. There is lots to choose from including the urban/park event on Saturday afternoon, the Saturday evening relay or explorer format, then finishing the weekend with a Sunday morning rogaine. 

Book these dates in your diary : 9 -10 March 2024
Pre entry closing dates : Relay 29 February , Explorer 3 March
Details: For full info and on line entry: https://taupoorienteering.nz/
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