Orienteering NZ Mapping Bulletin 3 – 17 Nov 2016
By ONZ Online Coordinator - Roger Woodroofe - Thu 17 Nov 2016 5:46pm
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Under recommendation from ONZ, we have changed the MailChimp list used to distribute the Mapping Bulletin. This may mean, if you have selected “Mapping” as an interest on the ONZ website, that you missed the first two bulletins, as these were not sent using this list. If you would like them to be sent to you, please contact us (link at the bottom) and can forward them to you. [You can also access them online through the Mapping and Publications pages].

We hope you find the Mapping Bulletin interesting reading, and please advise if you have any content you would like included.

IOF Mapping Commission Vacancy

Do you have a great interest in orienteering maps? Are you an expert in advanced printing? The IOF Map Commission also needs new members.

These IOF Commissions meet twice a year, in addition to virtual meetings (via email, Skype, Lync etc.) whenever needed. The IOF Council gives each commission a set of Remits, detailing their working procedure and tasks for the current council period, and the commissions each have a supporting team made up of members of council and the IOF Office.

Does this seem like something for you? To be in an IOF Commission you also need the support of your National Federation, and it is they who will formally put you forward as a candidate. Please contact your National Orienteering Federation to gain their support. Not sure how to contact them? To find out more, send an email to iof@orienteering.org.

Further information on the IOF Mapping Commission is available at: http://orienteering.org/about-the-iof/commissions/map-commission/

ONZ Mapping Wiki

Earlier we mentioned in the bulletin that the treasure trove of mapping information would be transferred to a new site where the information could be sorted more easily to allow better access. This has now been completed by Michael Wood and is available to view and edit at: http://wiki.orienteering.org.nz/doku.php?id=mapping:mapping

There are 23 separate headings, such as “Printing” or “Digital Elevation Models”, under which the relevant posts from Maptalk have been categorised. Some headings have subtopics, for when there were too many posts for a single page. This should make it easier to find information on issues that mappers face, so now, if you are struggling or unsure about something, check the Wiki as it may have been discussed already.

While mappers are free to continue to use Maptalk, the committee urges mappers to register for this Orienteering Wiki (it’s not just restricted to Mapping) and to contribute here for the good of the sport. Registration is only required for contributing; anyone may view. There are instructions on the page for how to contribute. Thank you for your contributions!

LINZ seeks feedback on changes to maps

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the price of its paper topographic maps as well as the way they are printed. LINZ recognises the need for paper maps, especially for recreation and use in the backcountry. However, as digital maps grow in popularity, fewer paper maps are being sold and the price LINZ charges for them can no longer cover the costs of producing them. LINZ is proposing to raise the wholesale cost of paper maps, and to make greater use of other printing methods. It would also print fewer maps at a time so that they are more up to date. But before any changes are considered, it wants to hear from map users.

LINZ produces the Topo50 and 250 series of maps for New Zealand, and its off shore dependencies. It sells paper copies and makes them available for download via its website.
To find out more and to have your say visit the LINZ website at: www.linz.govt.nz/ptmc

The consultation will close on 28 November 2016.

 Mapping Requests

PAPO is seeking a sand dune mapper

PAPO are planning to map the dunes east of the new Pegasus Township for the Queen’s Birthday next year (2017). The area is approximately 3.2kms north-south and about 0.7kms wide. The terrain is complex sand dunes with pine forest. Trees closest to the beach have close branches and then it becomes lupin/long grass to the beach. There are two main tracks and numerous side tracks. The forest is used by mtb’s, motorbikes, horses, runners and walkers. It has experienced the inevitable wind lashing from the north west causing areas of impassibility where trees have fallen in a domino effect.

This map will be a northern extension of our existing coastal maps and must match at its southern extent. It may also be possible to map the inland marshes and join it to the new Pegasus Town map that is mapped at sprint spec. Contours are available as Lidar. We would prefer the map to be finished by the end of summer 2017.

Further details are available from Linley Earnshaw (mapping coordinator) at PAPO on linley.earnshaw@gmail.com.

If you have a project that you would like advertised here, contact the Mapping Committee, using the form on the mapping webpage: https://www.orienteering.org.nz/resources/mapping/

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