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Orienteering NZ quiz – Dec 2023
By Christo Peters - Sat 9 Dec 2023 8:43pm

Final 50th Anniversary Quiz

We’re still testing your knowledge about orienteering to celebrate our 50th year anniversary. The answers will be after the ‘Last points’ at the end of this news email. (You may need to click on the three dots at the base, to see the full newsletter). 

Christmas and New Year is coming up, so to add a little fun to the festive seasons, these questions are from the fun stuff in the memorial booklet. Bryan Teahan’s 50th booklet can still be accessed here.

Q2: In the epic story of ‘Orienteering at 670kph’, what lake was visited, and what place was the first leg from? Hint: Read the story: Orienteering at 670kph.pdf 

Q3: For the love story, ‘Two Hearts’, what map was used to create the two linked hearts as shown below?

Q4: In the love story, what control legs did our heroine beat our hero over?
Hint: Read the story: Two_Hearts.pdf

Q5:  Who will win the race between the Devil and St Peter?
Hint: Read the story: Onet_Articles.pdf

Q6:  What are two solutions to Puzzle #5 on the Nowhere Map shown below? Hint: Find the Puzzle here: 

How did you go? – Answers can be found here

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