Junior Camp | Orienteering New Zealand
Junior O Camp – Participant feedback - 21/12/2020 11:29
By Joolz

Not many countries around the world could have a gathering this big and also safely accommodate them to participate in intensive sport coaching. In NZ, we are lucky enough for 2020 to have ended well with 80 orienteering juniors testing their running and map skills in hot weather on a variety of terrain in the […]

Junior Camp – Day 2 - 17/12/2014 10:31
By Catriona McBean

In three words we could describe todays map as; steep, green and lots of fight. Todays training plan consisted of long distance training and a flying shamile.             In the morning we had the long distance training which was a 5.6km course with 375m of climb. The course had controls […]

Junior Camp 2014 – Day 1 - 15/12/2014 09:36
By Catriona McBean

Junior Camp 2014 DAY 1 Today we went to the Hapua Wetlands map, a rugged farmland scattered with pockets of native bush. The forest areas were somewhat overgrown compared to what was indicated on the map, making progress through the forest fairly slow.           In the morning we split into our […]