Orienteering NZ Events Listing Help

The Orienteering NZ Events list provides a list of orienteering and rogaining events run by orienteering clubs in NZ.

About the Listings

Event Type Icons

Orienteering Type:

foot orienteering Foot – used for all foot orienteering – sprint, forest/farm, and urban

Rogaine Rogaine – Score based orienteering events and Rogaines

MTBO MTB – Mountain Bike orienteering

SkiO Ski – SkiO

TrailO Trail – TrailO

Series or Classification Type:

NZ O League National O LeagueONZ National Orienteering League (NOL)

NZ National Sprint League National Sprint LeagueONZ National Sprint League (NSL)

A-Level ONZ A-Level Event – refer to ONZ Foot Orienteering Rules

Major MTBO MTBO Major Event

School – Event or Race for school students only.

Brighouse Trophy – Event eligible for Brighouse Trophy Award

Other Type:

Coaching Coaching

Volunteer training Volunteer Training

camp Camp


The events list is available at: https://www.orienteering.org.nz/events/

To customise the event list displayed, you can add a url query string. Append any of the following URL parameters after ?
Additional parameters may be added separated with the joining ampersand (&) character;

  • scope= [ past | future ]  
  • clubs=[clubname]    (See note below)
  • regions=[regionname]  (See note below)
  • category=[typename]
  • limit=[number]  (Limit in number like 50 or 100)



  • parameter keywords must be in lower case letters.
  • clubs and regions and category types with space in name – replace the space with the plus sign character (+) e.g. “Red Kiwi” clubs=red+kiwi
  • clubs with ampersand in name – ampersand is a special character in URLs and the ampersand is encoded/changed to %26 i.e. Peninsula+%26+Plains
  • Multiple categories can be included using comma separator e.g. category=foot,rogaine will display list of all events with type either foot or rogaine.
  • There should be no spaces in the URL
  • use the URL ampersand character (&) to join parameters together
  • the question mark indicates the start of parameters
  • Valid category [typename] values are:
    • foot
    • rogaine
    • mtb
    • ski
    • trail
    • national+o+league
    • onz+a-level+event
    • mtbo+major+event
    • school
    • brighouse+trophy
    • volunteer+training
    • camp
    • other

What is the RSS Feed link for the Events List?

RSS Feed of All Events

RSS Feeds of Region Events

RSS Feeds of Club Events

Managing Event Listings

How do I edit one of my events?

You can change the date, location or any of the other details of the event at any time.
To edit an event, you need to be logged in as the owner of the event. Check with your club secretary or webmaster to see if your club has an Orienteering NZ website club account it uses for this purpose.

 To edit any of your events:

  1. Log in with the club or event owner user account.
  2. View the event’s full details page. An “Edit” button will be displayed on all of your events.
  3. Click on the “Edit” button.
  4. Make required changes.
  5. Click “Submit Event” to save the changes
  6. Check the page displays as required. You may need to refresh the page using the browser refresh button.

There are two ways to see a list of your events when logged in:

  1. View the event list, select your club in the search drop-down selection box, and then click search. This option will show all events created for your club by any users of the site.
  2. View the list of your events in your user profile page. This option displays only the events owned by the the logged in user.

Note: If you need to transfer an event between user accounts, please send us an email with the request to webmaster@orienteering.org.nz

How do I delete one of my events?

You can only delete an event through the event owners website user profile:

  1. Log in with the club or event owners user account.
  2. View the Event listing page you would like to delete
  3. Click on the “Edit” button for the event.
  4. Click on the link to delete the event.
  5. Confirm you wish to delete the event. 

How do I find my clubs “User Profile” page and edit an event?

All registered site users have a user profile page. To access it you can click on a users name link or you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with the club or event owners user account.
  2. Locate the logged-in user-name and click on it.
User Profile link location
User Profile link location – highlighted here in red

When logged-in it is located in the top-bar (left-hand-side) beside the logout link.
If you do not see your user name and you are logged in – please refresh the page and let us know you need to do this. 
After clicking the user profile link, the profile page will display.
The URL is www.orienteering.org.nz / members / your-club-user-name/

  • Select the “Events” tab in the profile. An events sub-tab menu will display.
  • Click on the “My Events” orange sub-tab, which will take you to https://www.orienteering.org.nz / members / your-club-user-name/events/my-events/
    A list of events owned by the logged in user with a link to edit or delete will display.
  • Click on the event link to edit for the event. You can also delete an event from the my events page.

How do I transfer an event from my user account to my clubs account?

If you need to transfer an event from one user to another please email webmaster@orienteering.org.nz with the details.

Other Questions?

If you have a different question, correction or need help please email webmaster@orienteering.org.nz