Type Date Event Location Club
  • Foot
Sun 11 Jun 2017 Australia National League Series - Wagga Wagga, NSW Wagga Wagga, NSW Other
  • Foot
Sun 11 Jun 2017 Autumn Series 4 - Wharepapa South (Club Long Champs) Wharepapa South Waikato
  • Foot
Sun 11 Jun 2017 Central Park and CSW #5 Wellington Wellington
  • Foot
Sun 11 Jun 2017 HB Schools Relay - Mission Napier Hawkes Bay
  • MTB
Sun 11 Jun 2017 Nelson MTBO Event TBA Nelson
  • Foot
  • Rogaine
Sun 11 Jun 2017 Rogaine Series 2 Riverhead North West

Orienteering NZ Major Annual Events

Orienteering NZ Competition Calendar

Updated:  Aug 2017
The Orienteering NZ major events overview calendars covering 2017 – 2018

International Orienteering – Major and World Ranking Events

A list of major international orienteering events and world ranking events (WRE) for each of the orienteering disciplines (Foot, MTB, Ski & Trail) is maintained on the International Orienteering Federation website.