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2020 Auckland SummerNav #16 NIGHT EVENT Hamlins Hill
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Event Date

Sat 06 Mar 2021

Start from 8:30pm

Penrose, Auckland

No - Manual
Event Location
1014 Great South Road, Penrose
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Event Information
  • NIGHT EVENT: Start from 8:30pm on the day at the location listed in the Calendar.
  • You will need a torch or headlamp. Compass can help.
  • Course closure time advertised at event.
  • Come along and purchase a map at the registration in the blue caravan onsite. Maps are sold on the day from 8pm onwards.
  • Season tickets are available onsite for entry to all the current seasons SummerNav's at a discounted rate.
  • Be sure to read the notice boards for updates and instructions.
  • SummerNav's are not cancelled due to rain.
  • Wear walking / running gear and consider sun protection.
  • You do not need a compass, (but you are welcome to practice with one - ask for help).
  • Respect the environment, plants, animals, other area users, and sports activities. Leave no trace.
  • Sign up for our emails about SummerNav and results.
  • Smoke Free. No smoking at any orienteering activities.
  • Bring a Drink for after your run to avoid dehydration.
  • As with any activity, consider telling someone your plans and a time to raise the alarm if you haven’t contacted them on return. ( adventuresmart.org.nz )
  • Help is available - please ask us!
  • Non-member Fees:



    Daily Fee $5 $10 $20
    Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNav's $50 $100 $200
    New Membership + Season Ticket $45 $90 $180

    Members Fees:



    Daily Fee $3 $5 $10
    Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNavs $30 $50 $100

    Youth groups:

    $30 daily for as many maps as you need. 
    Please warn us before bringing a large group. 
    Simply call or email us with estimated numbers on each course so
    we can prepare enough maps. Thanks!

SummerNav's are a fun way to get out into the parks of Auckland, experience the adventure sport of orienteeringpractice map reading and navigationimprove your fitness, and explore areas you may not have visited before.

  • Run, jog, or walk - you set the pace.
  • By yourself, in a team, or as a family.
  • Fun adventure or a competitive challenge and race.

We provide you with:

  • a high quality park orienteering map
  • a selection of preset courses

The challenge: plan and follow your best route to visit the points in correct order, taking the least amount of time.

The race is on! All are welcome to have a go!

  • Individuals, families, and groups
  • Kids, adults, and seniors
  • First timers through to competitive athletes
Contact Details
Auckland Orienteers
021 063 9629

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