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Afterwork Rogaine
  • Rogaine

Event Date

Tue 08 Nov 2011

Maps 5:30, rogaine 6-9pm

Hutt Valley
New Zealand

No - Manual
Event Location
Houghton Valley School is in Houghton Valley Road. Easiest way from city is via Newtown. Head south up the hill passed the hockey stadium and then down Houghton Valley Road. Pass the school and park in the field below the school. Newtown traffic can be slow early evening.
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Event Information

Course area is from Houghton Valley to Point Jerringham. Planners are Jenny Cossey and Raymond Morgan with contol finding friends Jenny Visser and Mike McFee . Two course options, both starting at 6pm. Family friendly 2 hour option in daylight. Longer 3 hour option with darkness for the keen.

Start and finish at Houghton Valley School.

Pre enrol on line at www.mapsport.co.nz/hvoc/awrogaines.html

Contact Details
Jenny Cossey
04 934 1418

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