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Afterwork series #1
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Event Date

Wed 15 Nov 2023

6-7 pm

Onslow College

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Parking in Student carpark at Onslow College on Burma Road, opposite Raroa Park (or on the road alongside Raroa Park, or on Burma Road itself).
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Event Information

Pre-entry preferred. https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz

Two courses:

  • Shorter and easier
  • Longer and more complex


  • Trips and slips: Variable curb heights, low hanging chains, steps, some grassy areas. Look ahead and control speed as requred
  •  Road crossing: at a zebra crossing, please do not just run into the road.
  • Blind corners: be aware that other participants may be coming around corners towards you, control speed at blind corners.
  •  Befuddlement: There is a little bit of two-level mapping in the Raroa area, this uses the "sharks teeth" and "hashing" symbols. You can run from the pointy end of the sharks teeth triangles to the fat end to access the lower layer. The hashing colour is given by the colouring used for the upper layer. See example under section 3.1 on page 6 of this PDF: https://www.swiss-orienteering.ch/files/kommission_karten/Guidelines_for_complex_urban_structures_IOF.pdf 



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