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Afterwork Short
Afterwork Short
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Event Date

Wed 22 Nov 2023

6-7pm. Course closes 8pm

Hutt Valley
Lower Hutt

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Event centre is at the east end of Marine Parade, Petone, near the river mouth. Note that you cant go straight into Marine Parade from the Esplanade as it is one-way; get there with a slight left into Waione then right at Gull into Kirkcaldie.
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Event Information

A change in venue to a simpler one which fits available resources. Hikoikoi Park features the rough open beachfront, old boatsheds, sports fields and islands of bush with hollow insides. A 4.2km course will have a remote start across Waione St to take in Te Mome Stream and the clubhouse "village" at the end of Jackson St. Lots of shortcut options. Legible map colours with big scale to fit the page rather than the IOF rules. Updated map.

Pre-entry preferred, available right up until start time. Enter at


Now that the maps have been sent to the printer, here's some further nitty gritty. We're running honesty style - no flags, no punches, just orange ribbons. Sport Ident boxes at the start and finish will give us times. The full course using Start A (500m away) is 4.2km of riverside and beach scenery. The beach course uses Start B which is right there and 2.6km long. And the river course from start A is 1.6km.

While we wont have TV screens, a sound system, bouncy castles or food vendors, we do have a thoroughly updated map which is printed with symbols at 166% of spec, so that all orienteers can read it on the run. In fact we are so up to date that we are using a control description that doesn't officially come in until 2024. This is the "copse" symbol (looks like two trees side by side) which can now mean a more runnable area surrounded by thicker forest. (You might say an "anti-copse").

Anyway come and explore the hollow thickets that we have heh heh. And the old boatsheds. And the tree houses beside the river. Etc etc. We are also urged by the rules to tell you what our "X"s mean. Well a variety of things, but the one that is used as a control site is a representative of a heap of plastic road barriers. It's not a trick - the control is on the edge of the heap:-)) The navigation level is Orange. If you're red, then you'll make speed-related mistakes. If you're yellow, give it a go. You wont get lost as there are streets all around, just give each control a max of 5min and move on or cut short. Be back by 8pm.


Contact Details
Michael Wood
027 232 4310

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