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Beating the Chainsaws
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Event Date

Sun 09 Dec 2018

9:30 to 10:30am

Hutt Valley
Brand New
Lower Hutt

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
North end of Wise St, Wainuiomata. Road narrows at the end, park on the LEFT ONLY. Bus 160 will get you close, from the Waterloo Interchange.
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Event Information

We've discovered a small area of pine trees at Wainuiomata, just ahead of the logging plans. It's big enough for a middle distance (= long for many of us) and there are some paddocks too. The pines were planted at wide spacings and you could run in your socks. There's some native which the deer have been thinning for us!

No time to waste, we're doing a quick map with the help of the regional council's Lidar data which gives us tree  height as well as ground contours. There will be one day's fieldwork one day's drawing and one day's course planning. The maps will be on the website on the Friday prior, print your own**

Come and see what's possible with the latest basemap data. Lemon course (revised dists) approx. 1.3km flat, Orange course 2km minimal climb, Red course 3km, substantial climb but lovely forest, short-cut available. Remember the chainsaws are coming! How often do you get a new map?

**Here are the maps. Remember if you were depending on a work printer and you've finished for the week, you can email Michael (below) and he will print for a gold coin. BTW the event fee is $5. Talking of whet, the wheather has been very whet lately and gumboots are suggested for the lemon course; the rest of you will get wet feet regardless:-))




Contact Details
Michael Wood
04 5662645

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