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Auckland Domain – Band Rotunda (The Crescent)
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Wed 06 Nov 2019


Auckland Domain

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SummerNavs are a fun way to get out into the parks of Auckland, experience the adventure sport of orienteeringpractice map reading and navigationimprove your fitness, and explore areas you may not have visited before.

  • Run, jog, or walk - you set the pace.
  • By yourself, in a team, or as a family.
  • Fun adventure or a competitive challenge and race.

We provide you with:

  • a high quality park orienteering map
  • a selection of preset courses

The challenge: plan and follow your best route to visit the points in correct order, taking the least amount of time.

The race is on! All are welcome to have a go!

  • Individuals, families, and groups
  • Kids, adults, and seniors
  • First timers through to competitive athletes

New to the sport of Orienteering? Check out the Summer Nav Getting Started Guide


SummerNav Fees

Non-member Fees:

Daily Fee$5$10$20
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNav's$50$100$200
Special Membership Promotion10% off Season Ticket plus first year's membership free! New first time club members only. Membership runs to 31 March 2021$45$90$180

Members Fees:

Daily Fee$3$5$10
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNavs$30$50$100

Youth groups:

$30 daily for as many maps as you need. 
Please warn us before bringing a large group. 
Simply call or email us with estimated numbers on each course so
we can prepare enough maps. Thanks!

Green Prescription:

Special rates available.

Payments: We accept cash or cheques onsite. (We do not have onsite credit-card or mobile-eftpos).

Contact Details
Auckland Orienteers
5755695 or 027 2932397

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