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Auckland Forest Orienteering – Woodhill Forest
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Event Date

Sun 13 Aug 2023

Temu Rd Coast, Woodhill
Woodhill, Auckland

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
SH16 Waimaukau Roundabout
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Event Information

See AOC website for details and entry

. Always check the website shortly before the event. Access can be prohibited for fire danger, high winds or other circumstances.

Event Details


  • All welcome (and you don't need to be a member to get started)
  • Select from a range of 9 courses of varying length and difficulty. Suitable for all ages, levels, and beginners. Some children need to be accompanied by adult.
  • You may start any time between 10am to 12:30pm. If you would like do do more than one course - please ensure you restart before 12:30pm
  • Courses close: 2:30pm unless otherwise stated. Please plan and ensure you return to the finish by course closure time.
  • Short free string course for youngsters.


  • Read event information on display at registration
  • Help and getting started advice available at registration. Please ask.
  • Bring your own food/water. (Occasionally, individuals providing supplemental fundraising snacks may be available).
  • Orienteering is Smoke Free. Absolutely NO smoking at event or anywhere in forest (including inside car or middle of road).
  • Compass recommended (limited free hire available).
  • Carrying a whistle recommended. The recognised distress signal is 6 blasts on whistle. Do not play with whistle as anyone hearing it will abandon their course to try and find you or report to registration.
  • SPORTident timing in use. (Hire available $3ea)
  • Important: All participants must punch the finish and download SPORTident card even if they decide not to finish the course.


  • Forest Events in Woodhill are sign-posted from Waimauku on SH16.
  • Forest security gate opens by 9:00am. Stop at gate to talk to security.
  • Please drive with "lights on" in forest and stay on signed route. No detour from signed route permitted.


Contact Details
Auckland Orienteering Club

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