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Auckland Sprint Test Event – World Masters Dress Rehearsal
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Event Date

Sun 05 Mar 2017

Allocated from 11am

Massey Campus
Albany, Auckland

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Eastbourne Rd, Albany
Albany Highway
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Event Information


2017-March-5th-Orienteering-Event-Bulletin-FINAL (PDF 1.53MB)


This event will be a full dress rehearsal for the Oceania and World Masters Sprint events.

Full details will be provided here as they become available.

This will be a pre-entry event. Entries will be through enterO.

[update: 2 February 2017:] The closing date has not been finalised. Please mark the day on your calendar and check closer to the time on how to enter.

The Auckland orienteering clubs are hosting the World Masters Orienteering Champs at the end of April as part of the World Masters Games.

This is a huge undertaking with 1600 competitors entered.

This is a much bigger event than we have hosted before and we are needing to practice all the procedures.

We are therefore running an event on the Massey Campus, Albany, on SUNDAY, 5th March.

It will be a double sprint but don't be put off by the word. This just means a nice short event, on a complex building map. However to make it more worth your while we are making it a double sprint. So you go out on 2 courses.

There will be 8 courses to choose from 6 of the same difficulty, ranging from about 3.7km down to about 1.4km, with 2 more short, easier courses.

We will run this event in a more formal way, but only so we can practice our procedures.

We ask you to pre-register your intention to come on a website and you will be allocated a start time for both your courses (allowing plenty of time for recovery).

Electronic timing will be used and there will be a formal start and finish procedure like happens at a major event. However all this is just to allow us to practice.

There is nothing official or formal about the event just a couple of runs around.

To test out our systems we do need LOTS of people so PLEASE mark the date on your calendar and come along to help our preparation for welcoming the rest of the world to New Zealand.

Starts will be from 11am as it is also Round the Bays day, so we are hoping that some of you who are competing will come after your warm up! (you can request a later start time if you are coming after Round the Bays)

Costs will be the same as for SummerNav, except ALL CHILDREN WILL BE FREE, as it is Childrens Day.

We will also loan you an e card for use with the electronic timing for free for this event, if you do not own one.

[further update 7 February 2017]:


Course combo Classes Course lengths
1/2 M35 (M20, M21, W21) 3.7/3.0k
2/3 M40, M45, W35 (M18, W20) 3.0/2.5k
3/4 M50, M55, W40, W45 (M16, W18) 2.5/2.1k
4/5 M60, M65, W50, W55 (W16) 2.1/1.7k
5/6 M70, M75, W60, W65 (M14, W14) 1.7/1.3k
6/7 M80, W70, W75, W80 1.3/1.3k
7/8 M85, W85 (M12, W12) 1.3/1.2k
8/7 M90, W90 (M10, W10, novices) 1.2/1.3k*
Course 1-6 all 'orange' difficulty, like C1 and C2 at SummerNav, but shorterCourse 7 easier, 'yellow' difficulty like course 3 SummerNav, but shorter

Course 8 easier still, but not white difficulty as in forest, like course 4 SummerNav

* After completing course 8, the M/W10 and novice adults (“M/W90” class) have the option of trying course 7 for their second run. They will be given a start time but it is optional depending on experience


Please choose your course above and pre-enter HERE

Your start times will be emailed to you and posted on various websites in the days prior to the event and we definitely want you to arrive 30 to 45mins ahead of your designated start time to give you enough time to register, get your bib and get through the start process. It’s gonna be fun!

Entries fees will be payable at registration on the day when you pick up your race bib.

  • Children (under 16) free as it is Children’s day! (http://www.childrensday.org.nz/)
  • Student; $3 (club member), $4 (non-member)
  • Adult; $5 (club member), $8 (non-member)
  • Family; $10 (club members), $16 (non-members)
  • SI Card hire – no charge
Contact Details
Auckland Orienteering Club

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