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B-Max + U-Max
Posted by: OHV Secretary (02/08/2017 05:01 pm)

Event Date

Sun 13 Aug 2017

Event Type:
Foot, MTB
Start Time(s):

Hutt Valley
Lower Hutt
Start at Hikoikoi Reserve. After Petone Esplanade bends away from the beach, right into Kirkcaldy St, left into Marine Parade, proceed to the end

Event description

B-Max is beginner bike-orienteering suitable for families. See website above. For kids there will be a 1km course and a 2km course. All around the beachfront park and away from traffic. And you don't need a fancy bike on the flat.

Short courses also ideal for orienteers whose bodies can't keep up with their heads and longer courses are too easy. You'll be amazed how easy it is to lose time in Sprint-MTB-O!

For you we recommend the 2km course plus the 5km course up the river to Sladden Park. We'll compute the Rider of the Day as 2X your 2km time plus your 5km time.

And if you don't have a bike treat this as a U-Max ie DIY foot-orienteering practice. We'll have enough maps for the usual U-Max numbers and you can make up a course to suit.

PS A mapholder is very useful on the bike, you can make one from a clipboard, cable ties, rubber bands etc. Or we'll have the bits to make one for $5.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Michael Wood
Phone: 04 5662645

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