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Basics for Beginners - Yellow
Basics for Beginners – Yellow
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Event Date

Mon 26 Sep 2022

Meet at 9:30am

Hutt Valley
Lower Hutt

Not Applicable
Event Location
From SH2 head towards the Kennedy Good Bridge but don't cross it. Go right towards the school then left, and find us in the first carpark on the riverbank.
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Event Information

Follow on from the July session for primary school kids. This is a low-key series of exercises, with the basics of map orientation, handrail identification and learning a few symbols cleverly disguised as fun. I think it might last for 90 minutes (but I'm re-learning for this age group too.)

White level kids are welcome provided a knowledgeable parent can chaperone a posse round the exercise we did last time in Avalon Park. Meanwhile we'll have ribbons out for two yellow exercises in the Belmont Wetland and Domain. Will run a posse for those moving up from white, those more capable can race ahead. Not intended for high school or adult beginners though.

Print your own maps from the links below. For white level print the first two which are in Avalon Park. For yellow level print the third one.  Use the "best" setting on your printer, if you don't have access to one please ask. Compasses will not be used.  Don't come if you're sick, are awaiting a test result, or have a family member who is sick.

There's no charge. Note this is the Monday holiday. I would appreciate a non-binding RSVP by Sunday midday at the email below so I can think about crowd control heh heh.

Map 1 www.mapsport.co.nz/hvoc/avalon27parksc1400.pdf

Map 2 www.mapsport.co.nz/hvoc/avalon27parksc2800.pdf

Map 3 www.mapsport.co.nz/hvoc/avalon27belschdomainsc3000.pdf

Contact Details
Michael Wood
027 2324310

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