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Bivouac Outdoor Rogaine # 2 Karaka Swamp (Woodhill Forest)
Foot, Rogaine
  • Foot
  • Rogaine

Event Date

Sun 21 May 2023

North West
Karaka Swamp , Woodhill Forest

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Wilson Road, South Head
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Event Information

A 90 minute rogaine starting at 11am, finishing 12.30pm, part of the three-part Bivouac Rogaine Series run by North West Orienteering Club. Heaps of Spot Prizes, plus Prizes for Category Winners & Series Winners.

Registration from 9.30am.  Plan to be there by 10.15am to allow plenty of time to register and to make full use of the 30 mins map planning time before the race starts.

Event Timing

9:30am Registration Opens.
All participants must report to registration including those who have pre-entered via enterO.
10:30am Maps Out - 30 mins allowed for planning
11:00am Mass start
12:30pm Event finish time.
Penalty points are deducted from your overall score for a return after 12.30pm
~1:00pm Prize-giving with prizes for all grade winners as well as heaps of spot prizes thanks to our series sponsor Bivouac Outdoor.

See the Latest News page for more detailed information.


Rogaine Rules & Info

Rogaine is the sport of cross country navigation in which individuals or teams visit as many check-points as possible within a given time limit, sometimes 24 hrs! The time limit for this series of rogaines is 90 minutes.

Participants travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Checkpoints may be visited in any order, with checkpoints being allocated differing points. The highest score wins.

Participants may return to the event centre as many times as they like and do not have to stay out for the entire time allowed. Penalty points are deducted from the overall score for a late return.

There are checkpoints/controls for everyone: 10 suitable for absolute beginners, which are very near handrails like tracks and fences - yellow standard controls; 10 orange standard controls, which are achievable for newer orienteers; and 10 red controls which are designed for experienced orienteers. Many people will be able to get controls that are more difficult than their usual abilities because a lot of people around you are going to them as well.

We will have experienced orienteers available to help with coaching before and after each event, with an opportunity to go and help pick up controls after the event. This can be a great learning time because you are not pressured by the race situation.

For this series we are encourage individual or pair entries, but we are also accepting teams of 3 or 4 - enter nowContact Rob Garden if you have any questions.


There will be 30 controls numbered 30 to 59 with the points value being 30 for the 30 series 40 for the 40 series etc, to make a total of 1200 points available. 20 points will be deducted for each minute or part minute you are late so remember to have a watch. The 30 series are the easiest to find, 40's more difficult and the 50 series are the most difficult controls and advised for experienced orienteers only. If you have trouble with a control move onto another.

If anyone gets all the points in less than the alloted time, 5 bonus points will be awarded for each minute they are early back.

Entry info

These events are pre-entry, and you need to enter by the Wednesday evening before each weekend event. You are able to enter on the day, but there will be a late fee for this.

On line Entry is open now here 

Pre Entry

Senior Junior Under 10
(born in 2014 or later)
Club members (any orienteering club) $25 $10 Free
Non club members $35 $15 Free


Late Entries / Enter on the Day (CASH ONLY)

Senior Junior Under 10
(born in 2014 or later)
Club members (any orienteering club) $35 $15 Free
Non club members $45 $20 Free

SportIdent hire

$3 per team per race

Driving Instructions

• Access to the event is from Wilson Road, off South Head Road, beyond Parakai.
• The event will be signposted from the Parakai / Helensville roundabout on SHY 16.


If you would like some coaching from one of our team of experienced orienteers before you start then allow time for this too. Coaching is available between 9:30am & 10:30am. It needs to stop at 10.30am so the coaches have time to plan their own rogaine.


We are very appreciative of Bivouac Outdoor's ongoing support of our Rogaine series - collect one of their discount cards when you register.

Boric Orchards & Boric Food Market are also supporting this event providing fresh home-grown apples to munch on after you've finished! And they're offering 10% discount off any products in store on Sunday if you tell them you've come from the rogaine.

Find Boric Food Market on the corner of SH16 and the Coatesville/Riverhead Highway.

The Map

The terrain is plantation pine forest with a mix of terrain from open forest to slow forest to semi open areas .


Please bring your own water to drink before and after the event. We will not be providing water. We suggest you also bring a snack to enjoy while you wait for the prize-giving.


Contact Details
Rob Garden
021 597070

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