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Botanical Gardens
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Event Date

Sun 10 Dec 2023

10:30 to 11:00

Botanical Gardens

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Shepherd Road entrance to Botanical Gardens
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Event Information
  • Venue: Botanical Gardens - signposted from the entrance off Shepherd Road
    • Event info: - Park area with Gardens, shrubs, trees and many tracks with electronic timing using SPORTident
    - There will be 3 courses based on the elite sprints last Katoa Po weekend on this lovely map - short ( approx 2km), Medium ( approx 3km), and long (approx 5km). These courses will suit both beginners wanting a stroll and those wanting to compete.
    • Entry Fees: - the cost is per map, $7 for club members and $12 for non-members.
    •  Registration: - Entero ( Yet to be put up - will advise when on EnterO)  before Thursday, 7th December, 11:59pm
    We will only have a limited number of on-the-day entries available and a $5 On-the-Day fee will be added to these entries
    • Start times: - between 10:30am and  11am   with BBQ lunch and AGM to follow at 12.30pm. 

    • What to bring: A picnic lunch, ( Sausages, sauce and bread will be provided) 

    and compass (unless you can tell where north is when the sun isn't out), A4 plastic bag for the map
    • Course options: 3 set courses
    Short     approx 2km
    Medium  approx 3km
    long        approx  5km

For further information contact Lyndon on 027 444 6708 or email entries@taupoorienteering.nz

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