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Sun 08 Jul 2018


NO LONGER Mill Creek
Takarau Gorge Rd

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UPDATE: heavy rain and 140 km/h wind gusts forecast. We have postponed the event until later in the year, after lambing.





Check on here on the morning of the event. Bad weather is in the forecast, and we may postpone if things look really poor.


The start is accessed walking up to the top of a 4 wheel drive track. This removes some climb from the courses.

  • Red Long, 3.0 km
  • Red Short, 1.9 km
  • Orange, 2.5 km
  • Yellow, 1.3 km
  • White, 0.9  km



  • Very steep terrain, avoid route choices crossing the steepest sections of the deep gorge areas unless you are very confident of your footing.
  • Cliffs, especially alongside the road can be very tall. Approach with care and choose routes away from uncrossable cliffs.
  • Stock, of the cow variety rather than the warming vegetable sort.  Please keep away from the cows.
  • THE fence, those who know Mill Creek will have tales of the powerful electric fence across the map.  Even though it is not high, it is mapped as uncrossable for a reason. People have even received shocks just by putting their hands on a wooden fence post!  Gates are mapped as crossing points, you are strongly recommended to use these. Make sure juniors know what a crossing point looks like and why they should use them.
  • Streams on the map can rise with heavy rain.  Look for advice or crossing requirements on the day.
  • Bogs, to date nobody has been swallowed whole. For long.


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