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Colonial Parklands bonus event
Posted by: WgtnOC (13/03/2017 10:52 pm)

Event Date

Sat 25 Mar 2017

Event Type:
Start Time(s):
After 3 pm

Colonial Parklands
Spicer Botanic Park, Porirua

Off Broken Hill Road
Yes - Sport Ident
Event description

This is a public event to follow the trials and SuperSeries races.  The trials are for the World Games, Junior World Orienteering Championships, and the schools test match team.

Non trialists can run on the red courses set for the trials.  We will also have a yellow course for less experienced orienteers.  (No white or orange at this event).

Additional information for this *new map*

Terrain:  Moderately steep gully spur with complex vegetation of pines, native bush and exotic trees and a complex track network.

(1) There are out-of-bounds areas shown in olive for residential houses, and purple out-of-bounds vacant land. There is a forbidden route shown by purple crosses.

(2) The parklands are a mountain bike park. Be prepared to get out of the way quickly for fast downhill mountain bikers.

(3) There are some rough open areas with green stripes which is slow knee-high grass.

(4) The area can be very slippery especially when wet.

(5) The native bush runnability is variable with supplejack in places – only a generalised grading is shown.

(6) There are some faint mountain bike tracks which are not marked.

(7) There are some dangerous cliffs in the streams.

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