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CSW 1 (+club event)
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Event Date

Sun 31 Mar 2019

11.00 am- 1 pm

Colonial Parklands

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
On Broken Hill Road.
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Event Information

NEW: Helpers' Form. 
If you can help out in some way with the event, leave some details on this form. It's surprisingly sociable and you get a free run for helping out.

First event in the 2019 College Sport Wellington (CSW) school series, along with 5 public courses from white (easiest) to red (most difficult).

CSW participants can buy a clip card that gives entry and SportIdent hire for the series including the sprint championship + one follow-up event. Come with $45 to buy these. Otherwise our standard club entry rate will apply: $8 adult; $5 junior; $18 family. SportIdent timing chip hire is $4 adult; $2 junior.

Park on Broken Hill Rd, downhill of Spicer Botanic Park (and well before Trash Palace). Register in the park, then there is a short walk to the start.

There is NO TOILET at the event.  Nearest public toilets are on Davies St in Tawa, or Cobham Court in Porirua.

The Colonial Parklands map has three distinct parts: the Spicer Botanic Park, with its exotic tree plantings; the native bush reserve with tracks, fairly open native forest, and the historic reservoirs; and pine-clad areas. The courses will be compact as we enjoy the areas lower down the hills before changes are made for the proposed adventure park.

There will be five courses:

  • White - 1.5 km with 65 m of climb.
  • Yellow - 1.8 km with 70 m of climb.
    • Both white and yellow have taped routes that have to be followed. They also have a control that has to be visited twice (at the start and end of a loop). Please ensure your younger runners are aware of this.
  • Orange - 2.6 km, 105 m climb.
  • Red Short - 2.2 km, 85 m climb.
  • Red Medium - 3.0 km, 220 m climb.

Recommended footwear: white and yellow are on mostly well formed tracks, normal trail running shoes will be fine. Orange and above will want trail runners or better-still full-grip orienteering shoes as the native and pine forest segments will offer slippery sections.

The red courses include some section through reasonably open native bush, but that will slow your speed.


  • Mountain bikes on the trails. Listen and look around if crossing trails. We will not be near downhill trails.
  • Uneven trails on all courses. Adjust your speed to match the terrain.
  • Slippery ground in forest areas. Wear shoes with good grip.
  • Unsupervised smurfs on the longer courses.
  • Red courses pass some areas of denser vegetation. Consider eye protection.
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