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CSW 2 – Tunnel Gully
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Event Date

Sun 09 Aug 2020

Hutt Valley
Tunnel Gully
Upper Hutt

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Start times from 11-1.

Course Course distance # controls
White 1.2 10
Yellow 2.3 13
Orange 3.3 17
Red short 3.0 17
Red long 4.9 26


Hazards include:

  • Darkness in the tunnel. Yellow, Orange and Red long courses will go through the feature 253m Mangaroa Tunnel, built between 1875 and 1877 (https://www.gw.govt.nz/Tunnel-Gully/). The tunnel floor is reasonably flat and can walk through tunnel ok without a torch but a small torch is recommended if you want to run or you’re not too fond of the dark.
  • Patches of Supplejack vine. Mapper’s note:  vegetation is classified OPTIMISTICALLY in order to extend the usable area. Light green has been explored and is passable though you’ll have to dodge supplejack. Medium green is the colour for “yuk don’t want to go in there” and will hide both bad and worse stuff. Dark green is used sparingly for “specifically awful” eg logging debris piles.
  • Orange and Red courses have some step terrain. Also prepare for getting wet feet and take care on potentially slippery rocks in streams.


Orienteering Hutt Valley has a policy that whistles are to be carried at all non-urban events. Tunnel Gully is a non-urban map so please carry a whistle. We will have a limited supply of whistles for sale at registration for $2 each.

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