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CSW and Public Event (Belmont Bunkers)
CSW and Public Event (Belmont Bunkers)
Foot, School
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Event Date

Sun 07 May 2023

11.00am - 1.00pm

Hutt Valley
Belmont Bunkers
Belmont, Lower Hutt

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Hill Road, Belmont
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Event Information

CSW Series Event. When entering, school students should enter their CSW Grade (rather than colour) and select their school in the "School (CSW)" field. If you school is not on the list choose Other and type in your school's name in the box below.

Details about the CSW series are available in this document.

Participants not running in the CSW Series should enter the colour of the course they are running.

There are six courses.

Course Length (km) Climb (m)
Red 1 6.3 350
Red 2 5.2 235
Red 3 3.4 110
Orange 4.1 245
Yellow 2.8 85
White 2.2 45

Belmont Bunkers can be quite exposed to the weather. If conditions are poor, runners will need to wear either a polyprop or jacket. Carrying a whistle is recommended for all runners.

The event is being held in Belmont Regional Park. Access is off SH2 in the Hutt Valley. Take the Belmont Hills exit, drive to the end of Hill Road, to the Hill Road Entrance to the Park. For this event you are able to drive past the entrance gate. Drive to the end of the road, where you can park in the Farm Hub. Follow the signs to walk to the Event Centre.

The event is on a working farm. Dogs are Not Allowed (not even in cars).

Pre-entry is much preferred as it makes it easier for us on the day. We cannot guarantee maps will be available for your chosen course if you havent pre-entered.

Entries close at midnight on Saturday 6 May. Enter at


Contact Details
Simon Rea

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