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CSW & Public Event (Mill Creek)
CSW & Public Event (Mill Creek)
Foot, School, Fundraiser
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Event Date

Sun 14 May 2023

10.30 am - 1 pm (special Mother's day timing)

Mill Creek
Mill Creek, Takarau Gorge Rd.

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Event Location
Event coordinates for your navigation app: 41°12'52.8"S 174°45'47.7"E
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Event Information

Entry details


Details here:  https://www.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/results/event-pricing

The event is a fundraiser to support for our local school athlete Rachel Baker attend the 2023 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in Romania.


Entries will be open at https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

Pre-entries close the day before the event at 23:59.

Enter on the day:

Possible, but better to pre-enter and avoid the queues.


Helpers are needed to coordinate parking, help with registration, start procedures and download.

If you'd like to help, please sign up here. You don't need any experience, and you get a free run!


Event Style

College Sport Wellington & Public Event

These events are traditional orienteering events held in farmland, reserves and parks around the greater Wellington region on Sundays. These events provide an opportunity for students new to orienteering to experience non-urban events and learn how to orienteer, while providing a challenge to experienced orienteers.

Event terrain

Steep to rolling farmland with good visibility (unless foggy or glasses steamed up). There is a steep uphill walk to the start on a 4WD track, which takes out some climb from the courses, but factor that into your planning for the day.



Start times

10.30 am to 1 pm (special timing for Mother's day and this event).

Distance to start

800m up a steep 4WD track. There will be space to rest before beginning your race.

Course closure

2.00 pm


All courses are available to adults or children not part of the CSW series. The "Classes" column in the table below is for those who are in the CSW competition.

Course Classes Length, Climb and Number of Controls Difficulty
Red Medium Senior Open/Boys Championship 3.9 km

235 m climb

13 controls

Technically demanding
Red Short Senior Girls Championship 2.6 km

175 m climb

7 controls

Technically demanding
Orange Intermediate Boys Championship, Intermediate Girls Championship, Senior Boys Standard, Senior Girls Standard 2.8 km

190 m climb

9 controls

Yellow Junior Boys Championship, Junior Girls Championship, Year 7/8 Boys Championship, Year 7/8 Girls Championship, Intermediate Boys Standard, Intermediate Girls Standard, Senior Boys Novice, Senior Girls Novice 1.9 km

160 m climb

10 controls

White Junior Boys Standard, Junior Girls Standard, Year 7/8 Boys Standard, Year 7/8 Girls Standard, Primary Boys Standard, Primary Girls Standard 1.4 km

60 m climb

9 controls



Parking and directions

The event centre is on Takarau Gorge Road, accessed from Karori via Makara village, or from Johnsonville via Ohariu Valley Road.

Car parking at the event centre will on a hard-standing area of a paddock alongside the road. Look for signs.

Space in the carpark area is limited, so please share rides (and in doing so burn less carbon).


Safety bearing

  • White and yellow courses: come south to the main farm road that bisects the map, then head east (away from the wind turbines, and towards Mt Kaukau) towards the event centre.
  • Orange and red courses: on the northern part of the map, head south to the farm road; on the southern part head north to the road, taking care to only cross THE fence (see below) at a gate. Follow the road east to the event centre

Specific Hazards and Notes:

  • This farm has a powerful electric fence that looks harmless but is far from it. You are not allowed to cross this fence except at the marked crossing points (which are gates). To emphasise this, the fence is marked with the uncrossable fence symbol AND a red boundary line. People have been "zapped" by this fence just by touching the top of the fence posts. This fence runs on the south side of the main farm road. Anybody found crossing this fence except at a gate will be in immediate pain and then disqualified.
  • There is a second, less powerful electric fence along the edge of a bush block in the northeast part of the map. This will also be on, so it has also been given a red boundary line. No courses cross this fence. The white course runs alongside this fence, but there is no reason to touch the electric wire. Please ensure your youngsters know not to touch that fence.
    • All other fences on the course are not electric, and can be crossed freely at the large (strainer) posts. If you have any doubt, an electric fence wire is generally supported at the posts by black plastic retaining pieces.
  • There is a very steep-sided gorge in the middle of the map. It's steepest areas are marked out of bounds on the map (purple cross-hatching). You must not cross this part of the gorge. The advanced courses may be offered left/right route choices around the gorge. Anybody found going through the dangerous area will be disqualified.
  • The farmland can be very steep and uneven in places. Control your speed through such areas to avoid injury. Take care on steep sections, as well, if the grass is wet.
  • The area is remote and exposed. Please dress warmly if the weather is sub-optimal.
  • Whistles are strongly recommended. The traditional emergency whistle signal is 6 short blasts (each with a few seconds between them). Repeat the 6 blasts every minute or two until help arrives.
    • If you are mobile and can do so safely, please go to the farm road and seek assistance rather than blowing your whistle.
    • If you hear 6 blasts on a whistle, you must abandon your race and go to help the competitor in distress. Please do not assume that somebody else will do this. It is better that we have many people helping a distressed competitor.


  • Please do not come to the event if you should be isolating with COVID-19.


Event officials

Planner: Paul Teesdale-Spittle

Controller: Lachlan McKenzie


Contact Details
Paul Teesdale-Spittle

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