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CSW & Public Event
CSW & Public Event
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Event Date

Sun 28 May 2023

11.00am - 1.00pm

Hutt Valley
Percys Reserve
Lower Hutt

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CSW Series Event. When entering, school students should enter their CSW Grade (rather than colour) and select their school in the "School (CSW)" field. If you school is not on the list choose Other and type in your school's name in the box below.

Details about the CSW series are available in this document.

Participants not running in the CSW Series should enter the colour of the course they are running.

There are five courses.

Red 1 - 3.4km 250m climb 1:5000 map with flip

Red 2 - 2.7km 250m climb 1:5000 map

Orange - 2.5km 200m climb 1:5000 map

Yellow - 2.0km 140m climb 1:3500 map

White - 1.5km 75m climb 1:2500 map

Please make sure that you wear clothing suitable for the conditions. The ground may be wet and slippery. As above, the terrain is steep, comparable to Mill Creek.

The event is being held in Percys Reserve, with the event centre at the main entrance off Dowse Drive. You may need to park on Dowse Drive. Petone station on the Hutt Valley line is only a short walk away, and there appear to be trains at 30min intervals.

Pre-entry is much preferred as it makes it easier for us on the day. We cannot guarantee maps will be available for your chosen course if you havent pre-entered. Extra charge of $2 for entry on the day

Entries close at midnight on Saturday 27 May. Enter at


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Simon Rea

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