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CSW Sprint 2 and Public Event
CSW Sprint 2 and Public Event
Foot, Sprint, School
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Event Date

Wed 21 Feb 2024

6pm - 7pm

Hutt Valley
Upper Hutt College
Upper Hutt

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Event Location
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Event Information

Second event in the CSW sprint series, event open to the public as well.

2 courses: Long course (3.2km) and short course (2.2km)

Start is at Upper Hutt college on Moonshine Road.

Please park along Moonshine Road, we will be based at the Northern end of the school near the courts.

Terrain is a school campus. 2 schools, Upper Hutt College with multi-level mapping and Ferguson Intermediate which is a typical small school map with compact buildings. The 2 schools neighbour each other and are connected by a field, so there are no roads (except for potential route choice along the one bordering the schools), though both courses go through a school carpark.


Pre entry is preferred and available at https://event-13541-e270.lilregie.com/

Entries close at midday Wednesday 21 February, enter at the event will be available for an extra $2.


Planner: Jonathan Green

Controller: Alexandra Riddle

Contact Details
Andrew Riddle
027 570 0475

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