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Onslow-Raroa CSW Sprint (& Public Event)
Onslow-Raroa CSW Sprint (& Public Event)
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Event Date

Wed 15 Mar 2023

start between 6 and 7 pm

Onslow College
Onslow College

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Event centre in the student carpark of Onslow College (the gravel carpark opposite Raroa Park). Do not drive into either school.
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Event Information

Pre-entry preferred: https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

Helpers greatly appreciated. Click this link to sign-up on the form and run for free.

Afterwork sprint through a variety of intricate school and college campus terrain.

Two courses are available

  • Short (easier, ~1.7 km, 75 m climb); and
  • Long (harder, ~2.4 km, 120 m climb).

What course to select?

  • CSW seniors and intermediates (all genders) run Long.
  • CSW juniors, year 7/8, primary run Short.
  • Public can run whichever course you choose.


  • Scale 1:2,500
  • Both courses cross Burma Rd at the zebra crossing. Prioritise safety over speed when using or crossing roads, and watch for traffic. If junior runners are uncertain on road crossings, please accompany them for this.
  • Also there will be crossing of the roadway alongside Raroa Park, so this will also require care to look both ways and drivers watch out for runners.
  • A thick purple line on the Raroa map indicates a two-level passage that is not mapped at the upper level. You cannot cross the thick purple line. The image for the event shows you this and reminds you of two level mapping.

Nearest toilets are on Broderick Rd, Johnsonville (near the junction with Johnsonville Rd

Note: If you've run here before, the map has been updated with the Raroa mapping being new. Feedback would be very welcome, we want to make our maps as usable as possible. Thanks!

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