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Final Summer Sprint
Posted by: WgtnOC (25/02/2018 05:08 pm)

Event Date

Wed 14 Mar 2018

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Start Time(s):
6-7 pm

Tawa College
Tawa, Wellington

Event description

Parking on the road opposite the entrance to the College.  Please do not go into the College grounds to park.

Two courses, longer/harder; shorter/easier.

Longer course is printed at 1:4,000 and has a map change (both maps printed on the same side of A4). The 1:4,000 will test the printing resolution, but should be better preparation for a similar scale at nationals.  You may wish to bring your magnifier!  It will have a mix of 50:50 route choices and times where one route is definitely favourable.  Hope you pick the right ones.  Expected winning time around 13 (+/- 2) minutes.

Shorter course is printed at 1:2,000 and does not have a map flip.  It has mostly easier and more obvious choices and will feel very short for those sprinting around at great speed. Expected winning times 5-15 minutes, depending on who runs it (aiming for 12 minutes for young or less speedy older runners).

Footwear recommendation:  Boots of Speed.  Failing that, note that much of the course is on tarmac, but with sections of grass.

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