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Forest Cup 2023 – Final – Woodhill Forest
  • Foot

Event Date

Sun 17 Sep 2023

North West
Hucks & Deviation Roads, Woodhill Forest

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
SH 16 ( Rimmers Road junction)
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Event Information

Forest Cup 2023 - Final

Orienteering in Woodhill Forest - an area with awesome intricate sand dune terrain in a open pine forest. Superb orienteering maps. Always check the website shortly before the event. Access can be prohibited for fire danger, high winds or other circumstances.

Event Details

Please see the NWOC events page here for course details and information.

  • Orienteering - on Foot - you choose your pace. Usually as individuals but groups can go together.
  • Orienteering in Woodhill Forest with complex sand dune detail.
  • All welcome (and you don't need to be a member to get started)
  • Select from a range of 9 courses of varying length and difficulty. Suitable for all ages, levels, and beginners. Some children need to be accompanied by adult.
  • You may start any time between 10am to 12:00pm. If you would like do do more than one course - please ensure you restart before 12:00pm
  • Courses close: 2:00pm . Please plan and ensure you return to the finish by course closure time.


  • Read event information on display at registration
  • Help and getting started advice available at registration. Please ask.
  • Bring your own food/water.
  • Orienteering is Smoke Free. Absolutely NO smoking at event or anywhere in forest (including inside car or middle of road).
  • Compass recommended (limited free hire available).
  • Carrying a whistle recommended. (Whistles available for purchase $2) The recognised distress signal is 6 blasts on whistle. Do not play with whistle as anyone hearing it will abandon their course to try and find you or report to registration.
  • SPORTident timing in use. Hire available $3ea
  • Important: All participants must punch the finish and download SPORTident card even if they decide not to finish the course.
  • Dogs are permitted at this event
  • Fees

    • Since COVID-19 we are using PRE-ENTRY via EnterO. Please enter for this event here. https://entero.co.nz/evento.php
    • Earlybird fees close midnight Wednesday before the event.
    • Late fees until midnight Thursday before the event: Plus $5 per person
    • Early Bird fees :Members Adult $30 / Junior $20 / Family $80.  This includes a $5  per person Woodhill Forest access fee
    • Non members Adult $35 / Junior $25/ Family $95, including $5 pp Woodhill access fee
    • Note late fees + $5 pp
    • SPORTident hire $3 each.
Contact Details
Rob Garden

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