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July Afterwork Rogaine – Eastbourne
  • Rogaine

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Thu 29 Jul 2021

Hutt Valley

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The July Afterwork Rogaine will explore the hills behind Eastbourne.

Most controls will be the hill areas behind Eastbourne, with a few on the local streets and beaches. The area extends to the ridge between Hawtrey and Butterfly Creek in the east from the Mackenzie Track at the north end, to the Bus Barn in the south. It uses a lot of the pest control lines which make for some difficult navigation in steep, rugged country. The map includes a couple of huts that most people would not have visited.
It will be possible to keep to the easier bush tracks and urban areas for the 90 minute teams and the less competitive 3 hour teams. Others need to be ready for navigating faint, steep, poorly marked trails on some routes.
It is likely to be cold, damp and slippery due to it being mid winter.

This area is more rugged and remote than other areas recently used for afterwork rogaines and there is no cell phone coverage in the valley so it is very important to have suitable clothing and equipment. A compass will be essential as a number of controls will have directional clues. (50m NNE from a track junction gives you a massive area of dense bush to search if you only have a vague idea where NNE is.)

3 hour and 90 minute options are available.

Registrations close Sunday 25 July.  There are no late registrations.

Planners: Sue & Graeme

Contact Details
Kelvin Thiele
027 717 5536

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