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Katoa Po night relay , warmup event and mini rogaine
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Event Date

Sat 12 Mar 2016

Early evening

Jay Road Reporoa off State highway 5

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
238 Jay Road
Jay road state highway 5 junction
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Event Information

Note: Web site with entry form on the Katoa tab is now available below


The Programme ( as at 31 Jan 2016)

  • Saturday 12th March 2016 - Warm Up Race starts from 2.00pm
  • Saturday 12th March 2016 – 36th Katoa Po Relay starts at dusk
  • Sunday 13th March 2016 - Mini Rogaine start at 9.30am

Event Location

  • All of the events are on adjacent maps (Hoanga and Milky Way) accessed from State Highway 5 about 35 minutes’ drive from either  Taupo and Rotorua. The maps and event centre are along Jay Road. The events will be signposted from the junction of Jay Road and State Highway 5.

Warm-up Race

  • First Start 2.00pm, Last Start 3.30pm
  • Where: Milky Way (Adjacent to  Hoanga map Katoa Po)
  • What: A taster of what is to come that evening. A middle  (Warm-up) distance event with a wide range of courses (see below) on some outstanding terrain. Pre Entry is not required - there will not be a pre drawn  start draw, rather start times per course every 2 minutes. A great little warm up for the main event that evening! Its not often you get a chance to orienteer in this part of the country so get along and give this event a hoon! Expect winning times of 25 minutes.
  • The Terrain: A dairy farm with a mixture of flat and sloped areas with many long  parallel  hedges, a piece of fast forest and some waterways. It could be fast but you will need to be constantly in touch with the map to avoid mistakes
  • Courses Available:
    • Loops 1 (red) - Approx 3.8km - 4.0km
    • Loops 2 (orange)  Approx 3km
    • Yellow Approx 2.5km
    • White Approx 2.5km
    • *All courses have an  estimated winning time of 25 minutes (white course may be shorter)
  • Prices: Junior - $9 ,   Senior  - $12,   Sport ident hire  $3

Katoa Po 

  • Registration/Campsite open at: 5.30pm
  • Briefing for all competitors: no earlier than 7pm
  • Relay Starts at Dusk
  • Where: Hoanga
  • What: The premier night orienteering competition in New Zealand. 2016 is going to be a classic so bring your tent, your cow bell and your club spirit for this event! This night relay for 5 and 7 man teams run deep into the night. The relay starts about dusk with a mass start for the white course. It progresses to harder and longer courses. The final two legs are mainly for elite runners. Individuals enter the event and the clubs will be sent a list of competitors from which they will allocate the legs, according to ability and age, according to the criteria below.
  • The Terrain: This is a farm map which has been created in conjunction with OBOP with financial support from Fonterra and is located near Reporoa close to State Highway 5 between Taupo and Rotorua. The area mapped includes a large beef and dairy support farm which has many and varied contours and a dairy farm ( The Milky Way map) with more sedate contours. This event will be the first  event to be held on the Hoanga portion of the map.
  • Camp site: The camp site is a paddock adjacent to the event centre and start finish. There will be plenty of camping space for tents and campervans . There will be portaloos on site. There will be room for club tents overlooking the finish. You will need to be self-sufficient for camping ( including water)
  • Eligibility:
    • Leg 1 No M14+, No W16+
    • Leg 2 No M16-65, No W18-55
    • Leg 3 No M18-55, No W20-35
    • Leg 4 No M20-45, No W21E
    • Leg 5 No M21E
    • Leg 6 Open
    • Leg 7 Open
    • Exemptions to the above rules will be considered on their merits by the controller. The essential essence of the competition is fairness. The controller will use this as the guiding principle for determining if nominally ineligible runners can drop down a leg.
  • Estimated Winning Times:
    • Leg 1- 15 minutes, median time 25 minutes
    • Leg 2- 20 minutes, median time 35 minutes
    • Leg 3- 30 minutes
    • Leg 4- 40 minutes
    • Leg 5- 50 minutes
    • Leg 6- 45 minutes
    • Leg 7- 50 minutes
  • Special Rules:
    • Every team finishes, so there are no DSQs. Every missed punch incurs a 15 minute penalty. DNF are the slowest time for that leg (when all the penalties are added in) plus a 15 minute penalty. Placing’s are determined solely by time, including penalties. Deliberate manipulation of the rules, eg having an overseas W21E running Leg 3, can incur additional penalties at the discretion of the controller.
  • Sport Ident:
    • To allow for smooth organization and cater for the inevitable last minute changes all teams will be issued with a set of SI cards allocated to each leg. It is imperative that these cards are given to the person running the appropriate leg. 
  • Prices: Junior  $15 ,  Senior $25
  • Team Entry:  This form is for club/group representatives only to register teams for the Night Relays.
  • Solo Entry:  If you are planning to run solo please email your name, age and sport ident number (if applicable) to lynchris.haugh@xtra.co.nz

Sunday Rogaine

  • This Score Event will be based from the Katoa Po Event Centre and will cover the terrain from the night before.
  • Like old times the event will start shortly after the prize giving from the night before - 9.30am expected start time. Competitors will have 60 minutes to visit as many controls sites to collect the most points possible. Like all score events, competitors will receive a penalty for every minute they are late back. Pay to bring a watch and plan well!!
  • This will be a clipcard event with self score and display results at the end
  • There will be a maximum of 27 controls, 9 worth 10pts, 15 worth 20 pts and 3 worth 40 pts.
  • By the time you have finished this event at 10.30am your tents will have dried out and be ready to pack up.
  • Prices:  Junior $5  Senior$10




Contact Details
Lyndon Haugh
07 376 7373

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