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Massey University
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Event Date

Sun 18 Feb 2024

10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Red Kiwi
Massey University
Palmerston North

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Signposted from main entrance to Massey University and Old West Road entrance. Parking near the Library.
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Event Information

Come have a good run at the Massey campus.

Yvette is planning the courses!

Here's some running for you:

Four courses planned using the Arboretum, walkways and campus buildings within the Ring Road:
Tentative plans:
White, 1.2 km
Yellow, 1.4 km
Orange short, 2.7 km
Orange long, 4.5 km
Get the lot!

This is a local event, so free to RK members.

Casual attendees welcome:

Map costs and Sport Ident eCard rental: Children $3, Adults $5, Families $10 maximum.

Bring Cash please

Contact Details
Tony Paterson

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