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Matariki Nights
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Event Date

Sat 22 Jun 2019

Start between 6 and 7 pm

Auld lang syne
Ian Galloway Park, Karori, Wellington

Yes - SPORTident Air+ (SIAC)
Event Location
Ian Galloway Park / Curtis Street
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Event Information

Sweden have 10-mila, Finland have Jukola and Wellington have Matariki (Wellington unofficial night champs).

SportIdent AIR will be used because why not?

Four courses for (probably not) all abilities on offer. Run solo or in pairs.

Yellow - Short - 1.2km (All controls on tracks or open areas)
Yellow - Medium - 1.8 km (All controls on tracks or open areas)
Orange - Medium - 2.6 km (Some controls off track < 100m)
Orange (with some red) - Long - 2.9km (Mostly same course as medium but with some extra bonus controls, some which can be slightly tricky at night)

Please note the levels are day-time levels.

5m contours in the area you should be in (if you come to the 2.5m contours you are in the wrong place). Tracks on the maps has been made more prominent and the legibility of the maps looks much clearer than recent events.

Party at the finish (if weather permits) and some prizes for the kids.




Contact Details
Magnus Bengtsson

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