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More Sharks Teeth Training - Map Available
More Sharks Teeth Training – Map Available
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Event Date

Sun 18 Dec 2022 - Sun 29 Jan 2023

Whenever you like

Hutt Valley
Upper Hutt College
Upper Hutt

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Event Location
Park in Moonshine Rd, Upper Hutt. Note you cant do right turns on/off SH2 directly into Moonshine Rd, plan your approach
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Event Information

New Mapping Spec for Sprints

A new version of the Sprint Mapping specification allows two levels of buildings to be used under some circumstances, and changes how bridges and tunnels are mapped. Upper Hutt College has some accessible balconies (picture above) and we have mapped them so you can see the new symbols. The indication that you can enter a two level situation looks like a row of sharks' teeth. And the area involved is shown with striped colours.

How to Learn The New Symbols

Print your own maps from the link below. When you have an excuse to go to Upper Hutt or beyond, just call in and wander round, paying attention to the balconies. There is a suggested course you can use (but no control markers). The fire escapes are not given the sharks tooth treatment since they are no-exit - just shown as the gray canopies that you are used to.

There is no fixed time - we've arbitrarily listed the "event" over the school holidays.  We wouldn't think white and yellow orienteers will need to deal with this - so the target is orange and red - with an interest in sprints.

Six More Examples in Lower Hutt

The sharks teeth symbols may also be  used for bridges and tunnels (in fact the old bridge-side line now means "you can't go under here"). We have 6 examples in Lower Hutt, which can be linked together with an 8km run, ride or drive.  These also have suggested courses, they are essentially just "model maps" to explore the mapping style. Expect it to take 1-2 hours to do them all,  or pick just some of them.

Background Reading

There are resources on the IOF website that you can read. Some of them require quite a bit of puzzling. You'll only develop rapid recognition through practice, so perhaps we'll need more of these model maps.

Prior reading: an IOF guide at https://1drv.ms/b/s!As4LDA11gDVmgvJtteKHbteK-YrFXg 

The Maps

They are prepared at about 150% scale (1:2500) to allow for the newness of the symbols, and the quality of the average home printer. They are A5 images, so to get 1:2500 tell your computer to "print at actual scale". If your eyes are older you may appreciate further enlargement, so specify "scale to fit A4".

The Upper Hutt College map is at:


Here are the Lower Hutt map links:




And there's a circuit on our  Rogaine/MTBO mapping that links up the 6 Lower Hutt examples. This starts at the Riverbank carpark and finishes at the Town Hall.


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Michael Wood

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