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Posted by: OHV Secretary (14/05/2017 08:18 pm)

Event Date

Sun 21 May 2017

Event Type:
Foot, MTB
Start Time(s):
Various from 9:30am

Hutt Valley
Hutt Valley park/sprint mapping
Lower Hutt
Not signposted. First start point on the Hutt riverbank near the junction of Harcourt Werry Drive and Percy Cameron St. This is near the Avalon TV studio. But you can join in from two other start points. See the event website for the other two start points and their times.

Yes - SPORTident
Event description

Series of 3X1.5km sprints, with 4km "touring stages" between them. Experimental event, see website above for the concept. Short options available by (a) driving between the sprints or (b) doing only 1 or 2 of the sprints instead of all 3. Print your own maps from

We suggest using the "best" setting on your printer. Don't study the courses except to make sure the printing is OK.

Update - each sprint is pretty close to 2km. A top M70 test-ran them each in 15min-something, scale yourself off that. MTBs may do the sprints too, you will take about the same time due to longer optimum routes.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Michael Wood
Phone: 04 566 2645

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