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New Zealand Orienteering Championship – Sprint
  • Foot

Event Date

Fri 30 Mar 2018

Early afternoon

University of Auckland

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Event Information

Sprint - 30 Mar 2018

University of Auckland, City Campus

Provisional information only - latest information is available at:


Date Friday 30 March 2018
Map University of Auckland
Scale 1:4000
Contour interval 2.5m
Planner Alison Comer
Controller Hayley Smith / Scott Vennell
SEA Gillian Ingham
First Start 2pm


World Ranking Event

The Sprint Championship is a WRE for the M21E and W21E grades, and will be run in accordance with the Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events 2018.

M20A and W20A will run the same courses as the M21E and W21E grades, respectively, and can also gain world ranking points as long as they provide their IOF ID when entering.

Start lists for the WRE races will be drawn according to athletes' IOF Sprint rankings at the time of start list preparation, per the IOF rules regarding WRE start list draws.

Course Details

Below is the indicative course/class combination for the Sprint Championships. This has yet to be finalised and could change.

1 Red M21E, M20
2 M16, M18 W21E, W20
3 M21A, M35, M40, M45, M50 W16, W18
4 M55, M60 W21A, W35, W40, W45, W50
5 M65, M70, M21AS W55, W60
6 M75 W65, W70, W21AS
7 M80, M85 W75, W80
8 Orange M14, M21B W14, W21B
9 Yellow M12 W12 Open Easy
10 White M10 W10 Open Very Easy, MW10N


Terrain Description

The University of Auckland’s City Campus is a maze of university buildings, on multiple levels, set in undulating park-like surroundings with some formal gardens.

Contact Details

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  1. Is it too late to sigh up now?

  2. Enter on the Day
    For those who did not officially enter Nationals on time, or those who are there as supporters but decide they would like to try orienteering themselves, it is possible to enter on the day for an unofficial run on one of the designated courses.
    Please refer to bulletin 2 on the event website for full details.

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