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New Zealand Secondary Schools Rogaining Champs
Rogaine, School
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Tue 11 Jul 2023

NZ Rogaining Association Inc

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The NZSS Rogaining Champs is for anyone and the the emphasis will be on fun and having an event for people to do in amongst the SISS and NZSS O Champs. Make up a team (minimum of 2 people per team) and enjoy being out the course with lots of other people around too. Controls will be on easily identified features to help with knowing where you are. Teams with experience and good navigators will be rewarded by stopping less frequently and checking their maps. Rogaining is alot about strategy and team work.

Students Yrs 7/8 (non-Champs class) and Yrs 9 – 11 compete in the 2-hour event only. Yrs 12/13 can compete in either the 2 or 4-hour event.

The event will take place within a 20-minute drive of Blenheim on farmland. Detailed travel directions and other information will be in the final instructions which will be emailed to the team contact one week prior to the event and will also be available on the website.

Registration, course planning, briefing, start, finish, post event food and prize-giving will all take place at the event venue. Catering will be provided by a local community group with all catering funds going to them.

Largely a variety of rolling land with some moderate hills. A mix of mostly clean open grassland, farm tracks, fences, defined ridges, patches of bush, lots of gullies and water courses.

• 2 Hour - Junior, Intermediate and Senior (Yrs 12/13 non-Champs category)
• 4 Hour - Senior, Yrs 12/13 only

There will be the below categories:
• Yrs 7/8 (non-Champs) – Girls, Boys and Mixed. 2Hr only
• Junior Yr 9 - Girls, Boys and Mixed. 2Hr only
• Intermediate Yrs 10/11 – Girls, Boys and Mixed. 2Hr only
• Seniors Yrs 12/13 – Girls, Boys and Mixed. 2Hr (non-Champs).
• Seniors Yrs 12/13 – Girls, Boys and Mixed. 4Hr.

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