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Newlands Local Event (including CSW have a Go)
  • Foot

Event Date

Sun 09 May 2021

11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Yes - SPORTident Air+ (SIAC)
Event Location
Newlands College
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Event Information

Pre-Entry is recommended, but entry on the day is available for an additional cost. Pre-enter here: https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

There are no toilets at the event centre. The nearest public toilets are at the Newlands shopping centre about 600 m up Bracken Rd, near the junction with Stewart Drive. It may pay to "go" before you arrive.

The event centre is in Newlands College. They have some building work going on at the moment, so please keep away from the fenced off areas, and ensure inquisitive younger folk stay well away of the building work.

The event terrain includes school buildings and nearby reserves and parks.  The reserves include tracks and Native bush with variable runability.

Course lengths

  • White 0.9 km
  • Yellow 2.1 km
  • Orange Short 3.4 km
  • Orange Long 4.6 km

Club members will be available to support any Orienteering newcomers (including any people who have only done the sprint series).

Event hazards

  • Some tracks may be steep, slippery and/or uneven. Control your speed along tracks and run in footwear with good grip.
  • There are beehives between the event centre and the start. Follow directions provided to circumnavigate these, rather than making your own direct route (bee-line?) to the start. We do not expect any problem, but if you react very strongly to bee stings we ask you to bring your epipen or equivalent.
  • Courses may run on footpaths and cross roads. Be aware of traffic. If in doubt of the road sense of younger competitors, please accompany them through the course.
  • Some courses may cross streams or enter boggy ground. Bring suitable changes of footwear and socks.
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