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Orienteering Challenge 1
Orienteering Challenge 1
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Event Date

Sun 03 Dec 2023

11:00am – 12:00pm

Wharepapa Castle Rock
Owairaka Valley Rd, Wharepapa Sth

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Owairaka Valley Rd Parking next to Wharepapa South School
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Event Information

Enter https://entero.co.nz/evento.php?eventName=woc-2023

The Orienteering Challenge Series is a fun way to explore the beautiful Waikato countryside, experience an adventure  sport, practice map reading and navigation, and improve your fitness.  Run, jog, or walk - you set the pace!
By yourself, in a team, or as a family!
Fun adventure or a competitive challenge and race!

We provide you with:

  •  A high quality orienteering map
  •  Electronic timing
  •  Four course options on offer: (distance is 'as the crow flies')
    •  1 x White (beginner) 1.8km
    •  1 x Yellow (fairly easy) 3.6km
    •  1 x Red Short (difficult) 3.7km
    •  1 x Red Long (difficult) 5.7km

The challenge is to navigate your way around a series of  checkpoints in correct order and in the least amount of time.
The race is on! All are welcome to have a go!

  •  Individuals, families, and groups
  •  Kids, adults, and seniors
  •  First timers through to competitive athletes

Orienteering Challenge Fees:

  •  Senior 20+yrs
    • Members $20
    • Non Members $30
  •  Junior 12-19 yrs
    • Members $15
    • Non members $20
  •  Under 0-12 yrs - Free
  • SI (Timing Device) Hire $2
  • Second Course is free if spare maps available
Contact Details
Rolf Boswell
0274 200 239

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