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Public event including OY – Hydrabad (Waitarere)
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Event Date

Sun 05 May 2024


Waiterere Beach

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Waitarere Beach Road at the township.
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Event Information

Planner: Gillian Ingham

Controller: Malcolm Ingham

Red Long: 8.1 km (1:10000, 5m contours)

Red Medium: 5.8 km (1:7500, 5m contours)

Red Short: 4.4 km (1:7500, 5m contours)

Orange Long: 4.4 km (1:7500, 5m contours)

Orange Short: 3.6 km (1:5000, 5m contours)

Yellow: 3.4 km (1:5000, 5m contours)

White: 2.0 km (1:5000, 5m contours)

Hydrabad is physically and technically challenging. You should only do a red course if you are confident in navigating solely on contour detail.

Please note the following:

(1) Logging tracks
Throughout the forest there are numerous old logging tracks. These are not shown on the map and vary between being scarcely noticeable, to fairly obvious, but grassed-over vehicle tracks. None are as distinct as the network of roads and tracks that are mapped. Some do nonetheless provide good running, but, if using them, you are advised to keep contact with the map using other, mapped features.
(2) Yellow and White courses
These courses pass and may have controls beside deep ponds. Many of these ponds are covered in green weed. Parents who are concerned about this water hazard should consider tailing their
children at a safe distance.
(3) Seasonal Marshes
Many low-lying areas of the map tend to flood during winter months. Although currently dry, in many of these areas there has been significant growth of low vegetation. Where it is judged that this affects runnability, such areas have been mapped with wide or narrow green stripes.
(4) Roadside pits
There are unmapped pits, approximately 1-2 m square, alongside many of the mapped roadside knolls. Most of these pits are water-filled and covered with green weed. Please be careful around them.
(5) Vegetation mapping
It has not been practical to completely remap the vegetation and runnability changes for this event. However, runnability is better than at recent previous events on Hydrabad and most of the map is now shown as white (forest run). There is still some low ground vegetation in some blocks, but it is readily passable, and visibility is good. Single fallen trees and small areas of windfall may not all be mapped.




Contact Details
Dick Dinsdale

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