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OY (following JWOC + school trials)
Posted by: WgtnOC (09/01/2017 10:44 pm)

Event Date

Sun 26 Mar 2017

Event Type:
Start Time(s):
11.30(ish) - 1

Hydrabad Refloated
Waitarere Beach

Take the turning to Waitarere Beach from SH1, north of Levin. Travel through Waitarere Beach village and turn left on the last road (Rua Avenue) before the sea. Do not obstruct driveways.
Yes - SPORTident
Event description

The event centre is at the end of Rua Avenue. The finish is in the forest approximately 200 m away. There is a walk of approximately 1.2 km to the start. From the end of Rua Avenue take the track west, out on to the beach. Follow the beach south for approximately 1 km, and then follow tapes/signs back into the forest.

There will be no toilets at the event centre. There are public toilets at both Waitarere Domain and Waitarere Surf Life Saving Club.

Additional Information

Map notes:      (1) Much of the forest is mapped as light green (slow run, low visibility). However, many of these areas also have (very) rotting thinnings on the ground, making these blocks both technically and physically tough.

(2) Most areas of white and wide green stripes (slow run, good visibility) are blocks which have been thinned over the last few years. The distinction between white and green stripes is largely a result of how recent the thinning has been, with areas where thinning was longer ago being generally much more runnable.

(3) The late arrival of summer in the Horowhenua has meant that some areas of wide green stripes have seen a recent explosion in leafy undergrowth. Although very visible this does not change the runnability.

(4) In some areas there are remnants of old logging tracks. Only those that are very distinct over a significant distance have been mapped.

(5) Be aware that unlike many sand-dune maps, the contour interval is 5m. This is to allow for some very steep-sided dunes where 2.5m contours would run into each other.

(6) There is an area of Out of Bounds marked in the forest. This is where Horowhenua District Council spray sewage. The western part of this area has no obvious boundary on the ground. Please take care to avoid this area.

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