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OY - Waikawa
OY – Waikawa
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Event Date

Sun 18 Sep 2022

Starts between 11am and 1pm

Waikawa Beach
Waikawa Beach

Yes - SPORTident Air+ (SIAC)
Event Location
Waikawa Beach
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Event Information

Entry details


Details here:  https://www.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/results/event-pricing


Entries will open soon at https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

Pre-entries close the day before the event at 23:59.

Enter on the day:

Pre-entry preferred (and it saves you waiting), but we expect to have some maps available for entries on the day.


Helpers are needed to coordinate parking, help with registration, start procedures and download.

If you'd like to help, please sign up here. You don't need any experience, and you get a free run!

Event Style

Orienteer of the Year event. Courses are more challenging than local Wellington events, making the most of the best terrain the region has to offer.

Event terrain

Technical and physical coastal sand dune terrain with areas of runnable pine forest.


Red Long 5.5km - 16 controls - 1:10000 Technically and physically demanding
Red Medium  4.4km - 14 controls - 1:7500 Technically and physically demanding
Red Short 2.5km - 10 controls - 1:5000 Technically demanding
Orange 2.7km - 14 controls - 1:7500 Intermediate
Yellow 1.9km - 11 controls - 1:5000 Easy/developing
White 1.3km - 9 controls - 1:5000 Beginners

Directions and Parking

Driving directions to Waikawa Beach, Manawatu:

  • From the south, on SH1, turn into Waikawa Beach Road just north of the village of Manakau (approximately 1 hour drive from Wellington city).
  • From the north, use the slip lane on SH1 for turning into Waikawa Beach Road. Approximately 10 mins south of Levin. Please exercise caution when turning into this road across northbound traffic on SH1.
  • Proceed to the end of Waikawa Beach road.

Parking: Along streets, e.g. Drake Street, Manga Pirau Street.

Toilets: Public portaloos off Manga Pirau St. (The public toilet block in the domain is being rebuilt.)


Safety bearing

Head west to the beach and then south. Follow the beach around to return via the bridge to the road end.

Course closure

Courses close at 3pm. If you are still out on the course at this time, you must abandon your run and make your way to the finish.

Specific Hazards:

  • Steep banks adjacent to the river.
  • Other forest/beach users including vehicles.
  • Areas of shallow water in low-lying parts of the map. The footing in these areas varies from solid to soft and slippery, you should control your speed and take extra care in deeper areas.
  • Low hanging branches in most forest areas. Eye protection is recommended for Orange and Red courses.
  • Dry and brittle vegetation, as well as scattered patches of gorse and blackberry - arm and leg cover is recommended for Orange and Red courses.
  • Barbed wire (multiple strands) on fences.

Notes on seasonal water:

  • The very wet winter has left much of the low-lying flat terrain under water. Water is generally ankle to shin deep, and knee deep in a very few places where there are wheel ruts. As the areas covered by water are also those which offer the fastest running, including some tracks, runnability and route choice are potentially affected.
  • These areas have been mapped using the symbol "Seasonal shallow body of water" - an area of light blue bounded by a blue line - and are safe to enter.
  • Try to avoid areas of pond scum if you are prone to skin
    allergies, and change your clothes/rinse affected skin after
    your run. Avoid touching your mouth or face if your hands
    have been in contact with pond scum.
  • Other areas of water shown in darker blue bounded by a black line (the sea and river bordering the map, and the large marsh in the far north) should not be entered at any time.
  • The mapping is correct as of Friday 9 September, but depending on weather in the week leading up to the event areas of seasonal water may expand or shrink.
  • Parents of children on the white and yellow courses should be aware that parts of these courses are affected and should make sure that their children are aware of this. Taping will be used where appropriate to guide competitors on these courses.

Other notes:

  • All competitors should carry a whistle.
  • Orange and Red competitors will need a compass, for Yellow competitors a compass is recommended.
  • Areas of dense macrocarpa trees with branches at ground level have been mapped as dark green (fight).
  • If your orienteering shoes have metal spikes or studs, please do not put them on until you have crossed the bridge.
  • Water is not provided on the courses, bring plenty of water with you as the dunes can be both warm and tiring. Competitors on longer/harder courses may want to take a water bottle or water pack with them.
  • Sunscreen is recommended if the weather is warm.


  • Please ensure you maintain physical distancing from others not in your group.
  • Please do not come to the event if you have any cold or flu symptoms, or if you or anyone from your household is awaiting COVID test results.
  • Once you have finished your course, please return to your car rather than hanging around the event centre.
  • We request that people wear face coverings while in the event centre.


Event officials

Planner: Gillian Ingham

Controller: Will Vale

Contact Details

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