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  • Rogaine

Event Date

Wed 29 Mar 2017

6.30 mass start

Lions Roar, Newtown

No - Manual
Event Location
On Russell Terrace, turn opposite the end of Edinburgh Terrace, bypass the lower parking and go up the road over the hill and down the other side to the parking behind Newtown Stadium. (May still be blue signed for "Alternative Parking" and a green sign for Parks and Gardens)
(Bring a torch, a pen or pencil and a timing device)
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Event Information

Bring a torch. Mass start 6.30, briefing 6.25, maps from around 6.10 pm. Finish 7.30.

Question and Answer format, so bring a pen or pencil.  Also as there is a time limit of 1 hour, bring a timing device.

A 1 hour Pmax around the reserves of Newtown from around the zoo, through Melrose Park and out to Mt Albert.  Teams of 2-5 preferred, but you can run as a single but with a 10% points penalty - but no penalty on enjoyment!

Shoe choice:  Terrain varies from steep pine forest to tarmac footpaths, but is mostly running on earth/clay-based tracks.  Road running should be at a minimum.

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