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Johnsonville Park and Kaukau MapRun6 event
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Event Date

Sat 26 Feb 2022 - Sun 06 Mar 2022

Kaukau, Wellington

Yes - MapRun
Event Location
Park at the end of Truscott Ave, Johnsonville (or considerately on neighbouring streets).
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Event Information

Print your own map from the links below and run at any daylight hour. Use the MapRun6 app to get timing.

We will have a volunteer on hand on Sunday 27th Feb, 11 am to 1 pm to help you with the event or the app (we will also have a *few* copies of the "All Controls" (score/rogaine) map which you can use for any course). Please wear a mask and bring your passes if you want some help.

Event Style

A classic 5 course event on MapRun6, we have also set up an "all controls" score event. Run any time during event period and upload results.

Event terrain

Steep bush in Johnsonville Reserve and farmland north of Mt Kaukau.


Download the MapRun6 app (or MapRunG if you want to use a Garmin watch to track your run). This event benefits from the latest MapRun6 version, so please check you are using the most recent version of the app.

Controls are bright orange or yellow tapes. Being bright, they may be prone to migration. If you are in the right place (e.g. the app beeps) but do not find the tape, keep on going! GPS will be variable in the bush, if the app beeps, but you are not on the control, please carry on to the control location anyway. If you are at the control location and you get no beep, then move around a bit, or move on - you may be logged as mp, but you know you were there!

Accessing the event in MapRun6

1. Via links in this description.  Once you have the latest MapRun6 app installed, the links below should take you to the right course. These links will only work on a device with the MapRun6 app installed.

2. Directly in the app. Go to the start and use the "Events Near Me" function

Map download

Whilst the map will display on your device, we recommend using a printed copy. You can download the PDFs of the courses here:

(You do not need to use MapRun6 to run with the printed map - the tapes will still be at the locations on the map)


Length, Climb and Number of Controls Difficulty
Red Long 3.5 km, plentiful climb, 12 controls Technically demanding
Red Short 2.0 km, 200 m climb, 8 controls Technically demanding
Orange 2.1 km, 185 m climb, 9 controls Intermediate
Yellow 1.9 km, 170 m climb 8 controls Developing, this one with an off track segment.
White 1.4 km, 145 m climb, 7 controls Beginners


Safety bearing

Head east until you find a boundary

Specific Hazards and Notes:

  • Full body cover required on red courses, with bush lawyer and gorse.
  • Steep and uneven terrain. Sometimes the farmland is "pugged up" by cattle and tried hard, so creates a potential for twisted ankles. In the bush, there are areas of stony ground. Manage your speed carefully.
  • Cliffs, some big. Careful with your planning and watch for edges as you run.
  • Dense bush in Johnsonville Park. Make sure somebody knows that you are leaving, when you are due back, and which course you are running.


  • Please ensure you maintain physical distancing from others not in your group.
  • Please ensure you scan the QR code at the event centre.
  • Please do not come to the event if you have any cold or flu symptoms, or if you or anyone from your household is awaiting covid test results.
  • Once you have finished your course, please return to your car rather than hanging around the event centre.
  • We request that people wear face coverings while in the event centre.


Event officials

Planners and Controller: Onslow College Team (Alan Teesdale, Alex Thompson, Hazel Ford, Paul Teesdale-Spittle, Rich Ford).

Contact Details

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