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Public event & CSW3
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Event Date

Sun 13 Jun 2021

11.00 am- 1 pm

Mill Creek

Yes - SPORTident
Event Location
Takarau Gorge Road
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Event Information

Pre-enter here: https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

Helpers form (volunteer for a free run) here: https://forms.gle/8bq8jgXzAkHtZi5b8


Indicative courses (to be confirmed):

White: 1.9km, 70m climb, 11 controls

Yellow: 2.1km, 90m climb, 11 controls

Orange: 2.8km, 125m climb, 11 controls

Red Short: 3.0km, 125m climb, 10 controls

Red Long: 4.3km, 220m climb, 13 controls


Please be aware the uncrossable fence marked on the map is electrified and the crossing points must be used.

There is a 600m uphill walk along a 4wd track to the start for all courses. Yellow and white courses will have a 700m walk from the finish back along the 4wd track to the event centre. Orange and Red courses will finish at the event centre.

Please remember to download before you leave the event!

The safety bearing for this event is East to Takarau Gorge Road.

There will be no water available on the courses and no toilets are available at the event centre.


  • Steep and uneven ground. Control your speed.
  • Mapped electric fence is ON. Use the required crossing points (gates).
  • Cliffs and steep gorge. Navigate around these features.
  • Stock. Give animals a wide berth.
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