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Public event including CSW and OY - Whareroa Farm
Public event including CSW and OY – Whareroa Farm
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Event Date

Sun 26 May 2024


Whareroa Farm
Whareroa Farm

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Event Location
Park in Whareroad Farm Park, if parking full nearby QE Park.
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Event Information

Some handy notes

  • No dogs allowed in Whareroa Farm
  • The toilets at the Farm Park are closed, please use those across the highway at QE Park.
  • Starts from 11 am to 1 pm; course closure 2.30 pm.
  • Red long has plenty of climb, and hence the apparently short distance.

Entry details


Details here:  https://www.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/results/event-pricing


Entries will be at: https://entries.wellingtonorienteering.org.nz/

Pre-entries close the day before the event at 23:59.

Enter on the day:

Pre-entries are preferred but entries on the day are available.


Helpers are needed to to make the event run smoothly. A helper sign-up form will be available soon.

Event Style

College Sport Wellington & Public Event (and OY series)

These events are traditional orienteering events held in parks around the greater Wellington region on Sundays with starts from 11 am – 1 pm. These events provide an opportunity for students new to orienteering to experience non-urban events and learn how to orienteer, while providing a challenge to experienced orienteers.


Event terrain

Farm Park - some areas of detailed track network, open farmland, gorse maze, native forest areas. Whareroa is hilly terrain, but for the shorter courses we have limited the climb where possible.



All courses are available to adults or children not part of the CSW series. The "Classes" table below is for those who are in CSW.

The length of the course listed below are as the crow flies. The shortest sensible route is due to the nature of the area much longer, in some cases up to 75% longer. 15 min/km of the listed length is not an unreasonable expected km rate for the winners of the orange and red courses.


Red (Extra) Long Senior BoysChampionship 3.0 km + prolific climb Technically demanding

Red Medium

Senior Girls Championship 2.75 km + modest climb Technically demanding
Red Short 2.5 km

+ some climb

Technically demanding
Orange Intermediate Boys Championship, Intermediate Girls Championship, Senior Boys Standard, Senior Girls Standard 2.4 km + some climb Intermediate
Yellow Junior Boys Championship, Junior Girls Championship, Year 7/8 Boys Championship, Year 7/8 Girls Championship, Intermediate Boys Standard, Intermediate Girls Standard, Senior Boys Novice, Senior Girls Novice 2.2 km

110 m climb

White Junior Boys Standard, Junior Girls Standard, Year 7/8 Boys Standard, Year 7/8 Girls Standard, Primary Boys Standard, Primary Girls Standard 1.7 km + 60 m Climb Beginners


Parking and directions

Park in the Whareroa Farm Park (or nearby QE Park if park space is full).


Safety bearing

Head downhill towards the main Farm Race track and west (towards the sea) and event centre.

Specific Hazards and Notes:

  • Steep, slippery, and uneven terrain. Orienteering / Trail running shoes are required for the longer courses.
  • Expect spiky undergrowth on more adventurous route choices - full leg cover is strongly recommended for orange and red courses.
  • There are mountain bike tracks in the park. Watch out for cyclists.

Event officials

Planner: Paul Teesdale-Spittle

Controller: TBA

Contact Details

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